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  • Works in Firefox 71 on Mac, doesn't work on Firefox 71 on Windows.
  • "Loading, please wait" forever
  • Works on nearly every site I use daily. Honestly a must have for me.
  • Dear developer Alexander, hello. Can you, please, tell me, how to fix invisible comments on Youtube? Let me describe the issue: 1) I am on a Youtube page, 2) I want to write a comment, 3) move the mouse cursor into the comment input field and click inside, 4) The text is not visible. You can type anything, but it is not visible, 5) After you click Post, the text becomes visible. p.s. How do I fix this? Do you need additional screenshots?
  • Очень нравился DR до момента, пока начал замедлять открытие страниц (а возможно и вообще их функционал) - об этом всплывает оповещение в браузере.