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  • Es muy bueno, pero ralentiza por momentos el navegador de forma que bloquea el trabajo o la carga de páginas, si arreglan eso sería perfecto
  • *** Very nice ***
  • The Dark Reader is my saving grace when it comes to my eyes during the day, and at night, surfing the web, is such a delight! No eye strain! My eyes adjust perfectly! Thank you Dark Reader! Kudos!
  • Perfect! no other Dark addon seems to let you control what websites are enabled or disabled.
  • Хороший аддон, но нужно чтобы можно было выбрать когда включать режим чтения. Неудобно что постоянно приходится отключать тему на каком-нибудь новом сайте.
  • Excellent for people like me that suffer from photosensitivity but perfect for everybody that is conscious about protecting the eyes while surfing. Many people don't know but constant exposure to the bright light of computer monitors, which is even more present in all the white colors online, is harmful for our eyes. Dark Reader is the perfect tool to reduce the eye strain while using your browser and I use it on Firefox, Chrome and the new Chromium-based Edge browser. Full of many useful options, fast and effective, Dark Reader is a must have add-on. Many thanks to all the devs that work on this.
  • Does not work... :-(
  • Me parece excelente, cumple perfecto con su funsion, tuve problemas y admito que la desinstale pero por que tuve problemas que no hubiera tenido si hubiera leido la guia de la extension x'D Lo mejor es que es de codigo abierto y eso me da confianza, 5 estrellas y les invito a unirse al lado oscuro :)
  • Excellent tool for darking websites but unfortunately can be a bit slow at applying (down to how it works) and so blinds you with a flash of white before it loads. Same does apply to the new tab page which would be nice if Mozilla could find a way to darken that properly.

    That said when it does work, it has a great effect on darkening a site in a good way. It would be lovely if there was the option of exporting a stylesheet of a darkened site using this.
  • This addon saves my nerves and my eyes. Can't recommend enough. It's really well-made.