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  • This is what I have been waiting for years.

    Works great on any site I read, on all of my devices (Android 8 & 9, Windows 10), has individual settings for all sites.

    Thank you 😂
  • je n'aime pas
  • Можно настраивать фон даже в светлых темах.
    Абсолютно то, что нужно!
  • Works very well for an all-in-one solution, and has a good amount of features. Would recommend if you value your eyes.
  • my eyes are cured of cancer thank you sir aliaksandr shutau, you have cured the cancer cure of cure. 5/7 would recommend. love from uganda, please everyone use this if you want no cancer eyes.
  • 全局夜间非常好,还能自己调整亮度对比度。但有一个小问题,在新建标签页的时候会闪一下白色,希望作者能尽快解决这个问题
  • Usei essa extensão por bastante tempo ate eu me deparar com um concorrente seu, Midnight Lizard.
    Essa extensão e quase perfeita, possui alguns bug em determinados site que tornavam impossível sua utilização. Só não ganha nota 5 por causa disso.
  • nice one, we sometimes use it after whitelisting few websites using Scalefusion Kiosk Browser Lockdown
  • Works everywhere and works great! Much appreciated!
  • 这就是真正令人需要的,非常棒
  • Works good.
  • I love this addon. Some sites and applications support a dark mode, while others do not. And because part of what causes me pain when using a computer is sharp visual contrast, I've often settled for using bright modes and dimming things as much as possible. This addon makes it so just about every site I use can be put into dark mode, and I can have a consistently dark, calm experience while using the computer. This addon is a game-changer for me.
  • Боже, почему я всё это время не знал о существовании этого расширения!!!
  • The dev added a way to schedule Dark reader. Just what I needed!