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  • Thank you very much
  • Wonderful tool, but accessibility needs to be improved. There should be an option to activate the extension by mouse with one click instead popping out the menu and clicking on. For this reason Dark Mode extension is so handy.
  • Just downloaded this about 5mins ago & it appears to solve all my immediate problems - gotta say; I love it!
  • Not perfect, but has some nice options for how to display pages in the extension window. Would be even better if you could choose a high contrast icon to go in the toolbar because if you have a dark theme in your browser then all you see is the red glasses when dark mode is on.
  • excelente
  • This is my favorite Dark Mode Add-on for Firefox and Firefox for Android. It works fine and every website looks wonderful.
  • Automatically Enable/Disable dark theme, according to change in Windows theme (and Firefox theme accordingly).
  • thanku so much