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  • Really, really, really bad performance on every website. If you like the speed of your browsing to go back to Dial Up ages, install this Extension.

    Also, I don't understand why half of the options do not work. "Ignore-List", as you called it, does not work. On multiple occasions I try to add a domain, and it still does not ignore it and still makes it dark.

    Also, why isn't there an option to enable this only on the website you are, and not everything on the web. If you want this extension on, you either have to turn it on for all, and then fiddle with that buggy not-working "ignore-list". Can't it be a "Whitelist", to be used by the extension, not an "Ignore List". This is the stupidest implementation of a feature I have ever seen. Why can't I choose the sites I want this enabled for, and I instead I have to choose for which I want it disabled. There are a lot of sites that have dark mode features built into them, and I have to go through every one of those, add them to the ignore list, and then find out that the ignore list does nothing. What a waste of precious time...

    All in all, I slowed down my performance for weeks now because of this shoddy extension. There are other extensions that are simpler and faster and will do the same thing but will actually work without making your every day tasks a living hell.

    I have actually been following this since a lot of time, and it has gotten worse now. The developer clearly likes to put on fancy features that boggle down your hardware resources, instead of making them work.
  • Essa é de longe a melhor extensão que tem para navegadores, principalmente para mim que uso todo o sistema em modo escuro.
  • The best plugin to protect your eyes.
  • 很不错
  • Big Like
  • perfect.
  • 在看视频的时候切换的时候,about:performance中监测时,电量使用超高200+,而且页面会卡顿,有些地方肯定有问题的。