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  • Great add-on for dark mode with many customable settings. It works nearly everywhere. However the best looking mode "dynamic" is quite performance intensive and it does not work everywhere; e.g. Azure DevOps, the left menu and the top part stays unchanged.
  • Works best compared to the other dark theme extensions!
  • I love how this looks, but unfortunately, it slows down my browsing. I've had to disable it now. It is really unfortunate that this is the case, because it really does improve the look of almost every site I use. One way that it could be improved is to have a site specific on/off switch- I think having it on for certain sites makes certain things invisible, whether it is in dark or light.
  • Best dark extension for Firefox !
  • This add-on helps my eyes a lot. There are other dark theme add-ons that are worthless. Bright white text on a totally black background is definitely not good. Dark Reader is made with effort so that i both looks good AND works good.
  • The best dark-mode add-on in Firefox!
  • Funciona perfecto
  • So, I decided to turn this back on, after trying this extension called 'Night Mode Pro' and finding it worked flawlessly where others had failed me. Went to google calendar, and was instantly reminded why I disabled this one: 'an extension is causing the page to load slow' or whatever it says.

    Edit: this guy in another review has the exact wording, so Im gonna steal his image link:

    60.9.0esr (32-bit) (the only one that works for my google phone).
  • Great work!
  • Very good extension buddy
  • This is my first review and I don't have much to say except that this addon is amazing. I've always been looking for an addon that will put every site in darkmode and so I'm happy to have found this.