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  • It slows down the browser slightly and uses up a good amount of RAM. However, it does exactly as it is designed to do... Personally I am willing to trade a portion of my speed so that my eyes are saved from looking at the sun for hours on end.
  • I have tried a few dark modes for firefox and so far this is my best experience. No youtube invert, not making websites that already are dark any weird/buggy, and lets you have parameters.
  • Some sites have contrast problems, but for the majority of sites, it works really well! Must have extension for sure!
  • I wish I had this 25 years ago, I may still have good eye-site. My favorite passive program!
  • It just doesn't work on some sites like the addons.mozilla.org one
  • Great add-on for dark mode with many customable settings. It works nearly everywhere. However the best looking mode "dynamic" is quite performance intensive and it does not work everywhere; e.g. Azure DevOps, the left menu and the top part stays unchanged.
  • Works best compared to the other dark theme extensions!
  • I love how this looks, but unfortunately, it slows down my browsing. I've had to disable it now. It is really unfortunate that this is the case, because it really does improve the look of almost every site I use. One way that it could be improved is to have a site specific on/off switch- I think having it on for certain sites makes certain things invisible, whether it is in dark or light.
  • Best dark extension for Firefox !