990 Bewertungen
  • Absolute crap, told it to not run on specific websites "Facebook.com" yet it would keep turning on and blocking content, do not download as it does not work properly and it blocks content...
  • I've tried some dark mode add-ons and they can get ugly. This one seems pretty smart, and I like the site customization controls. Highly recommend for the dark-moders!
  • This application is amazing and so robust. Hardly see it failing to process any page. Also the customization's are really helpful. Keep up the good work!
  • If you are experiencing slow web page loading then this extension is the culprit.
  • Tốt!
  • The extension is great and all but the problem is it really slows down page load.
  • A great addon! my monitor makes a buzzling noise when the background is completely dark. other color invert addons do not give me chence to make background slightly grey. this addon saved my life!
  • Absolute masterpiece, the level of customization is just baffling.