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  • Would love even more if the toolbar would automatically match with the included themes
  • Not bad. Came over from Iridium after developer blew it up and started from scratch but is a long way off from what it did before he started over.

    That said, Enhancer is okay does a lot of what I'm looking for like remove ads, resize video beyond what YT lets us, etc. But it also lacks some of the things I'm looking for like hide comments, that "Toolbar" can't be moved, remove the "up next" and "related" videos.

    Overall a 3/5 stars
  • Lots of useful tweaks and configuration options. Unfortunately the playback speed cannot be set to more than 2x.
  • This addon broke my youtube. It turned the youtube pages completly white. Deinstalling it doesn't fix the probelm!
  • I find this add-on truly improves my user experience when using YouTube.
  • perfect
  • amazing
  • Excellent add-on! It would be also nice to be able to like/dislike videos while in the Enhancer mode.