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  • After the new update became a really bad extension. I won't recommend this anymore until everything is fixed.
  • с аддоном глючит звук
  • Wow. Juste, super. On peut personnaliser notre Youtube comme on veux et on peut avoir les pubs QUE sur certaines chaines. Exactement ce qu'il me fallait. Merci beaucoup !
  • After reading this change log, It seems that you are angry because you generate not enough money with your add-on Enhancer for YouTube.
    As a developer, it's okay to get paid for the time you invest, but it was your decision to offer Enhancer for YouTube for free to the users, but after reading the change log it reads more like a menace to the users!
    Be the way it is a great add-on, but after this change log here my note 1 star!
  • Dropped my 5 start to 2 star because they forced a update, also they have not actually fixed the real & bad problems !
    Mozilla is a organisation that stands for free and open internet, not forced apon internet !

    "click timestamp" so called "requested fix" a feature i used every day, it's messing up my everyday yt experience. .

    Do fix real problems like:
    *video fitting the window
    *when new yt tab is opened it hangs for several minutes(np on any other sites)
    *when new yt tab is opened that tab stops respongin and have to force stop it(np on any other sites)
    ..and not make the addon/extension worse.

    No donations from me!
  • Must have this extension.
  • Nice. Works perfectly!
  • Top Add-On!
    Die Themes und die Lautstärkeäanpassung per Mausrad möchte ich nicht mehr missen.