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  • Simply the best user script extension.
  • Great addon but it the December 1 update seems to have broken it completely. To get it working again I had to export my scripts, remove the addon entirely, restart firefox, add Violentmonky back, and then re-import my scripts.
  • 非常不错 升级57之前用Greasemonkey,升级之后Greasemonkey有些脚本用不了,Tampermonkey和这个都可以,但是这个的UI更得我心,很简洁,找脚本更加方便
  • Very good!
  • Better than Greasemonkey, and my favorite Greasemonkey script works with it.
  • Love this Add-On, use it on Chrome and FF. Syncing is supereasy, Dashboard very clear. I only wish an easier way to use my own editor. I am using Sublime and the webserver solution. I find this not very comfortable.
  • 看看吧
  • Nice add-ons!
  • 暴力猴很好用,支持一下
  • lighter and has less problems than tampermonkey
  • It works. Thank you!
  • hao
  • Migrated from GM(*), no issues so far.

    (*) they say "we'll break your scripts" right from the start and didn't even bother to make FF 56 compatible version, FF 57/quantum is required just to install it
  • monkey see, monkey do
  • Paired with the fact that it's open source, it's currently a no-brainer to use this on FF
  • I installed this after upgrading to Firefox Quantum because Greasemonkey 4.0 is basically unusable right now :( I meant to try out Tampermonkey instead, but all that came up when I searched for it was Violentmonkey, which I had never heard of, but I was desperate to get my scripts working again.

    I'm so glad I installed this! Not only does it work wonderfully with Firefox Quantum, but it works better than Greasemonkey EVER did, even before Quantum and 4.0. Scripts that I thought were broken now magically work! Odd quarks on certain pages that caused me to have to turn off GM to use those pages are no longer an issue!

    It's a breeze to install scripts from around the web (it works with GitHub!) or from your desktop, and it's so wonderfully easy to just make a new script - the built in script editor is awesome.

    Do yourself a favor - uninstall Greasemonkey, install Violentmonkey, profit :)
  • The real time reloading is erroring out. That was the only reason I downloaded this...