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  • Constante desenvolvimento, leve, e ótimo suporte!
  • Ótima extensão, além de ser open-source.
  • 目前firefox57+版本,这个暴力猴是对脚本安装,运行支持最好的。
  • Fait parfaitement tourner les scripts en utilisant moins de ressource que les autres
  • Didn't work for me at all. Tried to import 2 scripts and install. Import failed. Install script failed. Installed Tampermonkey and worked perfectly.

    Finally got Mouseover popup image viewer but again no way to manage it so did not work. This one is even worse than Tampermonkey. We need a real working Greasemonkey again.
  • Not sure if the update to Version 57, or some other compatibility issue broke the script that was supporting an add-on that I was using but the problem is solved after switching to violentmonkey, so I'm going to use this from now.
  • UI looks much better than TM, but PLEASE make a dashboard for Android Firefox, it's not gonna do anything without a accessible interface.
  • Updates should come faster now with mozilla's new review policy right?

    Absolutely essential. Thanks!
  • 终于更新了,onedrive同步也可以正常使用了
  • some script dosent work but works well with TM ,maybe Permissions problem?
    btw an icon like TM is better :)
  • The Best userscript manager