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  • onedrive同步一直出错
  • 三个扩展中,它的同步机制是最好用的。不过最近不知道为什么,同步到OneDrive的时候一直卡在授权中,Opera上的暴力猴就没有这个问题,不知道是为什么。希望开发者看一下。
  • ( ఠൠఠ )ノ,很棒
  • perfect! no comment.
  • OK
  • Ok
  • Far better than other similar applicaton. Stil... can you please add a button for quickly edit the scripts? Like... Clik on the addon icon and where the scripts for the specific websites are showed in the bottom of the addon, in the left it can be a simple edit button...
  • I have switched from Tampermonkey to Violentmonkey. I like its implementation more. Opensource FTW!
  • Could you please make Violentmonkey execute userscripts even when visiting a site with JavaScript disabled? I really need that feature. It was one of the strengths of the old Greasemonkey that it could execute userscripts even when visiting sites with JavaScript disabled. 5-stars immediately if you could add this feature! Anyway, great work on creating Violentmonkey.

    By JavaScript disabled, I mean disabled, for example, by using an addon such as NoScript or uMatrix.
  • Very simple to use. What GreaseMonkey (RIP) used to be. I also like that it displays the current number of active scripts.