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  • Kissanimelist works better on it than tampermonkey
  • Great alternative to GM. Thanks for this!
  • Le Script de mahab est super bon mais il ne veut jamais fonctionné dans Mozilla Firefox.
    Il n'apparaît pas et c'est écrit qu'il a été ajouter avec succès.
    Puis je ne peux pas confirmer l'installation non plus
    Il y a longtemps ce problème
    Si vous pourriez faire quelque chose se serait super.
    Merci de vous préoccuper de nous
    Lucie Bergeron
  • unfortunately, for some domains javascript needs to be enabled to make adsbypasser work.


    this is also true for fastpic.ru and others. not what i like, really. :(
    with greasemonkey it works without enabling javascript for those domains

    thnks anyway.
  • Leggero, semplice e veloce
  • latest version works way worse than version 2.8.14f with Firefox for android
  • Does what it should and nice GUI
  • 在百度页面使用搜索引擎跳转出现问题。。。。
  • 很不错 是目前最好用的脚本工具,,,
  • Doesn't work on GitHub with this script
    https://greasyfork.org/fr/scripts/16204-google-translator-tooltip-expanded-fork . This script works with all others websites (https & http). Except this point, very good and easy add-on for script.
  • The better script tool for Firefox.
    BUT since the last update (2.9.2) some scripts are broked or not working fine. Need to revert to version 2.9.1.

    EDIT: fixed with version 2.9.3 due to the reactivity of developer, thanks!