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  • I'm a longtime user of Greasemonkey but since Quantum I switched to this addon as I find it easier to use and it works great. I don't have one single complaint.
  • the 2.8.29 version has a problem.after synchronizing with the googledrive,if you click "installed script",it appears
    "loading" forever,and no way to solve it.but 2.8.27 works well
  • tampermonkeyとかと比べてだいぶ軽いです。
  • Best of all "script injectors". Worried about permissions (why?) -- check the code. In contrast of Tampermonkey you can actually do that.
    Thanks for good and opensource extension!
  • muito boa essa extensão, para o firefox
  • Since last version the font is displayed in Serif format. Except that is perfect.
  • Excellent, thank you!!
  • onedrive同步一直出错
  • 三个扩展中,它的同步机制是最好用的。不过最近不知道为什么,同步到OneDrive的时候一直卡在授权中,Opera上的暴力猴就没有这个问题,不知道是为什么。希望开发者看一下。
  • ( ఠൠఠ )ノ,很棒
  • perfect! no comment.
  • OK