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  • The Best userscript manager
  • Esta genial!!
    Esta solución
  • I'm still trying to get the monkey to load a script in Firefox for Android (Fennec was a nicely shorter title), but I agree with @JonnyOne - why does GitHub have newer releases than AMO?

    Regardless, will this Android Firefox allow me to install the newer versions from GitHub like my desktop Firefox did?

    Indeed! I was able to install the newer xpi's from GitHub on my Paleophone (Note3, rooted so stuck to 4.4.2)
  • Number 1 webextension for managing userscrips, buuuut why on github v2.8.9 and here v2.6.3?
  • Great
  • AdsBypasser user script doesn't work in Firefox, but it works in Chromium browsers with Violentmonkey.
  • Unable to add in any scripts. Never actually finishes installing a script, and the install from URL command just gives me "{}" back.
  • Simple and open source.
  • Works perfectly and clearly and this addon seems to don't do any shady practice with my data, also it's updated regularly so sounds like a must have for me!
  • UI behaves as inactive, despite the fact that the scripts are updated - no status messages are displayed.
  • 昨天firefox57 nightly移除了addon-sdk,greasemonkey不能用了。这就成了绝好的替代品。看到github上其实早有了新的版本。希望作者能及时更新到amo上。现在webext的开发和chrome应该比较相仿,工作量应该比较小了。谢谢作者。
  • Works also with android
  • I use Violentmonkey because it was suggested for installing the AAK-Cont userscript. It works really well in Firefox and Nightly for the desktop but for Android it's a slightly different story. The add-on still works in Android, it installs userscripts normally and works normally, but there is no easily accessible dashboard! You need to do this thing where you modify the url so it ends in html to access the dashboard. I'm giving this five stars despite the small problem I've described because this is still a great userscript manager and I hope it improves.
  • Para abrir el Gestor para poder editar, borrar, deshabilitar o crear un nuevo Script hay que hacer lo siguiente:

    1》Instalar cualquier script y ViolentMonkey abrirá una nueva pestaña.

    2》Borrar la última parte de la dirección de la pestaña, hasta que la dirección termine en .HTML, la mía quedó así:


    3》Ir a la dirección nueva y agregarla a marcadores (BOOKMARKS) para poder acceder fácilmente al gestor.

    ● Acá les dejo el Gestor de UserStyles de Stylish ●

  • This extension is working just fine on my i7, but on a slow A4 laptop, it fails to run properly: when I open up a site that matches an @match pattern, ViolentMonkey's popup doesn't show any found scripts (while it does on my i7). Just refreshing the page won't work. The only way to get ViolentMonkey working again is to disable the WHOLE add-on in about:addons and the enabling it again.

    Furthermore, 'Export to zip' still doesn't do anything.
  • very good
  • No ui for manage script on firefox mobile, please add a dashboard to manage script for firefox mobile