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  • Such a shame the privacy policies of this otherwise great addon. But it´s a nice lesson of how open source doesnt mean private. This addon collects personal information and I´m not happy about it as you can guess by my rating.
  • 2.9.8 completely broken, even Dashboard doesn't open, no scripts show as installed or are used. Have Waterfox 64-bit, but seems it affects Firefox users too.
  • New version 2.8.8 doesn't work!
    UPDATE: version 2.9.9 works fine again, amazing add-on
  • v 2.9.8 doesn't work anymore
    * update 2.9.9 work again :)
  • 非常棒呆啦
  • 挺好用的
  • Kissanimelist works better on it than tampermonkey
  • Great alternative to GM. Thanks for this!