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  • Change le thème de Firefox même après désinstallation de l'extension.
  • I must second the review of 16 days ago. Once I get ten or more tabs open in Firefox 61, Colorful Tabs causes me to lose control of Firefox, as it continues to cycle through tabs all by itself. Impossible to stop this buggy add-on from taking control of Firefox. Once I disabled and removed Colorful Tabs, the random cycling through tabs ceased. This only happens once a lot of tabs are opened. But the bug is serious enough and disruptive enough that I made the decision to remove it.

    I wasn't using it anyway. I liked the way it used to be where the tabs them selves were colored. I understand Mozilla changed their code, making the old implementation impossible to implement.
  • This is a damaging extension - it enters Firefox into an infinite loop: focus changes from one tab to the next in a random order about one switch per second. Restart fails to fix problem. Had resort to work offline + restart. Even now that it's deleted it still has changed the colors of my active tab... each tab is the same purple as every other tab but at least it's not jumping every second now.
  • I almost added this one until I read that Firefox wants control over my laptop; i.e. "access your data for all websites" and Access browser tabs". Forget it! Too bad.
  • I used to love Colorful Tabs until it stopped working with the Firefox changes a couple of years ago. Since then it has been rubbish, I'm sad to say. All it does is colour the current tab and all the others stay grey. I want them all coloured the way they used to be, to distinguish them from each other.
  • Thank you, THANK YOU!! for taking the time to update this much beloved extension in the new FF! I so appreciate that you took the time to rework all the programing!
    THANK YOU! LOVE this extension!
  • Would be nice if it didn't override any theme set. Have it disabled now because of that.
  • The new version of ColorfulTabs shuts off my themes it didn't in the past but when it updated several months ago it just messed with Firefox theme, I had to disable it in order to get more than a white border at the top of my browser page. No way to contact anyone for a fix I tried all the online suggestions but nothing works. I guess it's time to remove it altogether until they figure out how to make it work properly. Months ago I would have given it 4 stars but now it gets one.
  • organiza todas as abas em cores. abre uma barra lateral esquerda com cada aba em forma de arvora de diretórios e cada uma com a respectiva cor, sensacional
  • It brakes firefox theme for me.
  • This add-on could have color tones configuring the loading time of web pages. Example: Fast pages have the green tab. Slow pages have red tab.
  • vivaldifox much better, and working.
  • The plugin works only in my Tree Style Tab plugin, but in the top browser tabs only the currently tab is coloured. So, it need to fix.
  • All of the tabs were different colors in the "good old days." But not now. Only the currently used tab is colored as well as the entire top of the window. ColorfulTabs has not worked since the advent of Firefox 57.
  • I loved this "pre-57+". Now, installing it somehow messes with themes, and blanks the menu, the colors bleed into all tabs, instead of being on single tabs, and as of the "latest" Firefox version, this was the one, and only one, addon I disabled to stop the browser going spastic at random. What do I mean by spastic? Well, basically, when clicking on a tab, with several open, Firefox randomly "lost track" of which tab is was on, and kept flipping through them, either between two different tabs, the one that was open before, or the new one, or, if I tried to then click more, through each one of them, rapidly, cycling over and over, with no way to stop them, short of closing all but one tab, or killing the browser.

    Its like, it tried to update the color on all tabs, but something in the way the new version of FF works causes it to "only" update each one if "currently visible", so trying to do so causes them to cycle through every tab you try to click on. Very, very odd.. Can't recommend this one any more, even if this issue is fixed, because it hasn't behaved as originally intended for many FF versions now. And maybe, due to changes in the browser itself, can't, like so many others that where once wonderful addons, or practically a necessity (Tab Mix, for example).
  • Unfortunately still breaks themes - I'm sorry to report this. Please fix.
  • I got a notice about updating Colorful Notes and thought it would bring back the original experience, but although it appears to be making progress toward that and brought up a *side bar* with all the open tabs shown in different colors, alas! the top of my browser where the tabs all appear in a row still only colors the current tab along with my bookmarks toolbar. All the rest of the tabs remain white. Is there something--other than installing the new Colorful Tabs--that I need to do to get the desired effect?
    Needless to say, the value of the original way all the tabs had their own colors was more useful (not to mention, attractive, which is important to me). I really appreciate the creator's efforts and hope he will continue them and get back to what we once had. But I realize that the programming underlying Quantum is so different from that of the previous FireFox that it may be a hard (hopefully, not impossible) task.

    Meanwhile, I'm with "Piecevcake".
  • They are pretty to look at. They accentuate the tab making the tab POP!
  • I love this add on but it is USELESS in FF57 onwards, I will give 5* when you make it work properly in >57

    When I tried in 57 it coloured the whole of top of screen not just the tab, made it useless.

    The other thing I use this for is nice straight tabs not those crappy onces FF copied from Chrome.

    I have kept my Firefox at 56.02, the last edition where this works with V30.02 as advised by others below (GREAT SUGGESTION)

    It is one of three add-ons whose utility is worth more to me than FF57 Quantum.

    So PLEASE developer, get it working with 57 or explain why you can't on your description
  • My second Favorite Tab Add-On. FF could be so boring. With this add-on it brings it to life making that much more enjoyable. I love all its added tweaks and customization options. Great very enjoyable Add-On.
  • hard to find instructions on how to use