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  • Colorfull tabs latest update wipes out any attempt to use a theme. If you like a plain white theme i guess that's not too bad. Very disappointing to me though as I like color in my themes. I've used ColorFull Tabs for DECADES without a problem. Until now. A real shame I've had to delete it. I liked it when it worked.
  • Ich liebe ColorfulTabs wegen den schönen Farben und weil man damit die einzelnen Tabs gut unterscheiden kann.
  • Ne fonctionne plus avec Firefox 58 Dommage
  • The Colorfultabs is terrible. I does NOT work like the old Colorfultabs. It colors the whole top of the page instead of just the tabs. Also they just change the color of everything with every other tab. I am so disappointed. I never asked for Firefox Quantum. My first impression? I HATE IT!
  • Sucks, only adds a color to the current open tab, and no other tab. Not what it once was!
  • This is a sorry replacement for the beautiful original colorful tabs. I am uninstalling it. It is so very ugly.
  • I had all the good will of the world to love this addon, BUT... it doesn't even get 2 km away from the genius of the original ColorfulTabs.

    Most irritating problem is that every tab changes also the main theme of the browser to the tab's color, making difficult to read out menus etc, and undoing theme selection.

    Sorry, but, so far, it SUCKS.
  • good!
  • Lixo, lixo, lixo.
    Desde o FF 57 o addon que era o melhor existente para colorir as tabs deixou de funcionar.
    Fez uma versão beta mas é um lixo, apenas pinta a current tab com uma cor aleatória sujando todo o resto da base.

    Horrível, horrível, horrível.

    Uma pena.
  • This just ads a random color to only the current open tab, and no other tab. The Color reverts to default when switching between tabs. This is a useless addon, as this does not help to differentiate the tabs that are opened. This is not the FabTabs replacement that i seek.
  • Just not working like the older version that I liked so well; now only colors the active tab; quite useless as such.
  • Sadly not compatible with Tree Style Tabs. Seems like it's not working as well as it used to with normal tabs either. Probably not fully compatible with Quantum yet.
  • Experiencing trouble. Only the active tab is colored, not the others. FF 58 on Xubuntu 16.04
  • A tried-and-true go-to for FF
  • One of the nicest improvements to Firefox
  • podia considerar a cor padrão dos sites.
  • Unfortunately it does not work with the latest version of firefox Quantum. Please can you update the plugin.
  • vraiment un bel effect et pratique
  • Hello,

    was used to this addon and liked the possibility to have one red tab as optical separator.
    Do you think it will be possible in Quantum?

    Like have different colors for tabs but without background of URL? Just the Tab area?
    And have to chance to change the color of the tab?

    Thank you
  • Unfortunately it doesn't work with FireFox 57.0.4. I've been waiting and hoping for an update because I loved it, but I guess they can't fix the problem. Too bad, it was a great extension when it was working.
  • I miss Tab Mix Plus, which let me color tabs the way I want, and designate a color to tabs I've viewed, tabs I haven't viewed, the tab I'm viewing, etc.