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  • Worked well until I "upgraded" to FF 65 - now just shows one color across all tabs.
  • This addon used to be first class, It used to color all tabs now it only colors one at a time. The screen shot shows it as it is supposed to work but it is not. Please fix this or it is worthless.
  • These are lovely - a must have for keeping tabs in order.
  • The tabs are ALL WHITE. 'Colorful' MY ASS.
  • Thanks!
    But can you do a version compatible with TST (Tree Style Tab)? :)
    Because it broke identation of tabs... :(
  • Es überfällt einen direkt. Viel zu viel und aufgeblasen. Ich habe keine Zeit mich stundenlang mit einem Add-on zu beschäftigen, um es passend zu machen. Wer´s mag ok, nix für mich.
  • keeps long hours working from getting boring, also helps with the eyestrain, great app.
  • It doesn´t work! The tabs are always white!
  • I love it but can't get it to work on Firefox, so I changed to Waterfox, would like to get it work again without re-installing Firefox.
    How do I get into firefox to program "%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile.*******\Chrome\userChrome.css"