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  • so lovely, makes browsing less confusing with many tabs
  • Really useful, even though the colour spectrum is not as functional as it used to be. However, has anyone else experienced occasional flickering between tabs? I know it's not malware. Is it a function of trackng on other sites. Usually an issue when a site is opened which is video heavy. Any ideas, thanks.
  • Amazing
  • This used to be a great extension. It no longer works on the latest versions of Firefox (I run Firefox 66). I will not contribute to the support of this extension until it once again works as it used to work.
  • I have FF 66. The add on no longer does anything except colour the first tab. Also, the developer doesn't answer emails.

    Finally received a response from the developer. Apparently it's all FF's fault that his add on doesn't work with anything "Quantum" -- which was first introduced in 2017. Don't download it. It's useless.
  • Excellent, time saving extension. I couldn't work without it.
  • ColorfulTabs is a wonderful extension, but I'm on Firefox Quantum 65.0.2 (64-bit) and I'm still only seeing one of my tabs colored. This is disappointing; the screenshot should be replaced with one that shows the tabs as they actually appear, not as they used to appear.
  • Работает не так, как заявлено. Цвет имеет только текущая вкладка, остальные вкладки без цвета. Скриншот давно уже пора обновить в соответствии с актуальной версией FF
  • I have used ColorfulTabs for a long time. I cannot imagine being without them. Thank you.