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  • used to be a good addon. now its useless. doesnt do anything out of the ordinary. doesnt colour any tabs at all. waste of time installing it.
  • firefox does not ler the colorful tabs work the way they did in olderversions
  • I thought this would be like the old colorful tabs, it is not! It removed my themes, and introduced a bunch of garbage.
  • ayuda notablemente a identificar pestañas para que no cometas el error de cerrar alguna
  • I love to have the OLD colorful tabs back but this one CHANGED MY THEME but NOT MY TABS
  • This extension used to work great. But if I add a theme it stops working altogether. Please fix. I can not use otherwise.
  • It became useless. What a pity...
  • I have used this tab style before and lost it somehow. Very happy to have it back. It pleases me.
  • This add-on WAS not only incredibly useful but for those registered blind like me it was a lifesaver.

    Now it has been RUINED and is NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and NOT AS DESCRIBED. It does not look like the photo shown in screenshots, it no longer puts a different color on each tab and worse still it colors the bookmarks bar.

    Now I am forced to roll back to V53 because I can't see.

    Firefox is equally to blame, the developer has reported a bug for 3 years and you have done NOTHING.

    How does it feel to deprive disabled people like me?

    One star is because no effort has been made to fix this, just report a bug and do nothing. Maybe if you were registered blind and had to face the challenges I do every day you might have a greater sense of urgency.
  • My favorite extension ever! Its indeed 1st to get installed on a new Firefox!
  • Tabs aren't colored as shown on screenshot. Probably something must be fixed?
  • No longer does what is says on the tin. I had been using this excellent add-on for the last 15 years, but you have now forced me to look elsewhere
  • CAN WE PLEAAAAAAAAASE MAKE IT SO THAT THE TABS ARE DIFFERENT COLORS AGAIN?!?! pleaaaaaaaaaase?!?! the whooooooole point is to be able to quickly nav my tabs - i long for the old days. love the add-on - miss the Colorful Tabs - should be 'a couple of colored tabs' now. oh and typically, only your active tab.
  • The lower bar under tabs doesn't always follow tabs color during clicks, & i had to install the latest legacy version 9.0.1 with moon tester tool on palemoon. What version would you advise me if you don't have a latest legacy version ?

  • "Access your data for all websites" is this necessary?