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  • This extension is absolutely amazing. Now i can overview every single connection on every website i go to. Then i can decide what i want to allow and what i want to block. For example i want to allow Facebook on Facebook, but i dont want it to snoop on me when i am on the website for my healthcare provider writing to my doctor. There is absolutely no reason for Facebook or Google to follow me around the web. Well, there are reasons for them since they love to collect your personal data, but i dont want to provide either Google or Facebook with certain information, so when i see them on uMatrix dashboard, i simply block them.

    I can block them for every site i visit, just tick the box if its not red already and confirm with clicking the padlock. Settings are saved! I can also block globally, for example i can block Google from spying on me no matter what website i go to, just use the global rules for blocking or allowing on every site, or set up different rules per site.

    I have ads blocked for every site, i have blocked other crap too like spy domains that wants to connect and would connect if i didnt have this extension. Of course you can make global or local site rules for things you do want to connect. Works great out of the box with its setup so the learning curve can be as fast or slow as one wish. Just try it out to see how much creepy stuff there is out there that wants to connect to you while you are reading the news or writing a email. After that it wont be possible to use the internet without uMatrix.

    Very much appreciated and million of thanks!!
  • Probably the best you can get. Its really worth taking the time watching a YouTube tutorial to learn use uMatrix. Play around with settings what you want to allow or block and learn as you go.

    Easily 5 stars here.
  • Incredibly powerful extension, thank you for this amazing work!
  • 相比NoScript,对网页内容的可操控范围更广,更精细。如果愿意在刚刚安装的阶段花费一定的时间,是更好的选择。
  • breaks too many sites, too geeky and programmer needed skills to use. had to disable it. no time to screw with their complicated convoluted configuration setup.
  • Just love this addon. When you get a visual of all the sites that track you across the interwebs it's a tad gob smacking.

    The ability to easily allow or block sites and / or elements from sites is really cool.

    Love your work, thanks Dev.
  • Einfach zu lernen, kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Um einiges fortgeschrittener als NoScript.
  • getestet und erfolgreich bestanden. kann also bedenken los benutzt werden. =)