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  • Incredibly powerful extension, thank you for this amazing work!
  • 相比NoScript,对网页内容的可操控范围更广,更精细。如果愿意在刚刚安装的阶段花费一定的时间,是更好的选择。
  • breaks too many sites, too geeky and programmer needed skills to use. had to disable it. no time to screw with their complicated convoluted configuration setup.
  • Just love this addon. When you get a visual of all the sites that track you across the interwebs it's a tad gob smacking.

    The ability to easily allow or block sites and / or elements from sites is really cool.

    Love your work, thanks Dev.
  • Einfach zu lernen, kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Um einiges fortgeschrittener als NoScript.
  • getestet und erfolgreich bestanden. kann also bedenken los benutzt werden. =)
  • Skvělý doplněk! Fakt mi hodně pomohl! 😁 Děkuji vývojáři.