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  • Bug sur sites de cartographies/rando comme ignrando.fr ou openrunner.com. Le module empêche l'affichage des cartes. Désactiver les filtres ne suffit pas il faut désactiver tout le module !

    Bug on map/trekking sites like ignrando.fr or openrunner.com. Module prevent maps to be displayed. It's necessary to entirely inactivate the module (inactivation of all filters doesn't work)

    Thanks for answer : problem was from "smart referer extension", not usable in this case.
    I could make the map renders fine on both sites with just a couple "allow" rules:

    As stated on the front page of the project:

    > [uMatrix] is for advanced users who can figure how to un-break sites, because essentially uMatrix is a firewall which works in relaxed block-all/allow-exceptionally mode out of the box: it is not unexpected that sites will break.
    > [...]
    > Using uMatrix logger is key to un-break sites: the logger will show you all that uMatrix does internally.
  • Perfect
  • over the top
  • Indispensable addon! A must have!

    Is it possible to add a global on/off button.
    Also a temporary off button for a scope will be really helpful.
  • Стало падать на ровном месте после последнего обновления Windows.
  • Awesome
  • Works as expected. Can be intimidating at first, but once you start configuring it you'll get comfortable and gradually have to configure it less.
  • The matrix makes it easy to find what to unblock.
  • Awesome add-on to improve your privacy and security
  • this extension gives you total control. The best script blocking FireFox add on available. Intuitive, clever and precise. A must have for browsing the web.
  • Give you the ultimate control over web scripts, with an INCREDIBLY intuitive and logical user interface (once you know how it works). Occasionally a page needs a hard-refresh to load with changed permissions, but I've had no other problems with it at all.
  • Best way to have granular control over entire domains. Kudos, Raymond.
  • I love the Addon the only thing it needs to be fixed is the UI making it more user friendly and more easy to navigate for new users