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  • 5 stars if it wasn't blocking bestgore without a reason
  • That is the best script blocker I ever used...

    The only issue is that it is continuously deleting cookies from sites that are NOT blackslisted (despite having that option not checked). Even whitelisting a site explicitly for cookies doens't always help.

    Also, the description of the extensions is referring to github for reporting bugs and issues, however the repository is configured to NOT allow new github users to create issues.
  • better author, more control
  • omg, the ultimate manager!
  • better than adblockers for blocking domains, files by extension or type, and better than having hosts files in system, the only inability which can be compensated with ublock is blocking specific elements and hiding them without blocking whole website or all files, has so much abilities and easy to backup lists, one of my best extensions!!!
  • Not much needs to be said other than this is an absolutely amazing addon.