559 notes
  • If you care about your web experience and privacy - this is must-have addon. At first, it seems complicated, but after little use you cannot imagine browsing without umatrix. Thanks Raymond for this magnificent addon.
  • uMatrix is fantastic. I had almost given up on FF, then switched to Quantum, fast as lighting at first then slowed down and increasingly broken with NoScript, which I disabled. Then FF was slowed down with scripts, slowing down my whole PC. uMatrix saved my PC!
    Bit of a learning curve. Tip: if you don't know what item to unblock, right-click and "inspect element" is your new best friend. Also lots of tutorials on YouTube (probably the first site you'll partially unblock to see the videos). Was thinking about getting uBlock but I don't think I even need it now.
  • Thank you for everything you do for us, Raymond.
  • Great add-on without mobile compatibility.
  • Better than NoScript and more.
  • Just a fantastic way to get clean pages.
    It took 4 seconds, to me, to understand the Matrix pop-up... and allow /block pages parts. (Green/Red)
    ... from then on..
    no more annoying or intruding [ Frames, Ads, Pics, Scripts, Java, Flash, Medias] on eBay, or any other site, when I choose to see it... "clean"

    A great thanks to the developer !!

    Adblock are just so-so but a nightmare to personalize ... This one is the solution.
  • Not your average addon, but incredibly powerful and versatile once you learn how to use it. Definitely recommended for advanced users, the learning threshold might be off-putting to some, but it rocks once you get the hang of it
  • blocks website functionality permanently despite being turned off. only way to get back full functionality is to uninstall the add-on.
  • One of the must-have addons. It blocks all kinds of contents (cookies, CSS, images, scripts, media, frames and etc). You can control which 3rd party sites can load content. I cannot surf the web without uMatrix.