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  • Wondershare's Video Downloader does a far better job in much less time and with much less hassle.
  • This works as it should even on lesser known websites! No Complains here! except if browser closes and if reopened, the program could try and reconnect to download? Or prevent browser from closing atleast.
  • O DOWNLOADHELPER consegue baixar vídeos que nenhum outro programa similar consegue.
    Minha amiga até tinha comprado um programa pra tentar baixar umas vídeo-aulas que ela precisava... acabei baixando com o DOWNLOADHELPER gratuitamente.
  • It's free and works great so what's there to complain about? It seems watermarks on converted formats can be removed by paying for a license BTW.
  • Watermark for download video? Are you serious?
  • Converting a video often stops or it never ends. This results in an insanely high CPU load! All fans turn at full speed. I strongly recommend that addon not to install.

    I suggest to use jdownloader2 instead (It's an app not an addon).
  • This is the best download program I have ever installed.
  • This is the best download program I have ever installed. I saw some reviews worrying about downloading the companion software. Believe me or not, I had the same hesitation too but once I download the companion program, it gives me all the convenience to download internet video of different formats plus setting up options which fit my need. Highly recommend this program plus the companion program.
  • I am hating this application. It doesn't work. The video I try downloading says "Aggregating..." but never stops. This means that the videos never truly download. It just sits there. Am I supposed to download something else along with it? If so then this program is ridiculous. I am looking for something else.
  • Suddenly requires a companion app to do anything else (installing software on PC) I've uninstalled it.
  • Excelente aplicación para descargar videos!