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  • Very useful addon to save video in order to watch them later when not connected.
    Convenient and easy to use.
  • Neat quality fast downloader! Ive been able to download so many great GIF-worthy moments thanks to this. Careful this add-on might break some site's video players (like RoosterTeeth and some show streams), which is easily fixed by just disabling until you need it later!
  • All the while I am happy with using DownloadHelper to download my video. Only recently, the download program does not support MP4, I wonder why? It only support ADP which takes much longer time to perform aggregating on my computer. Please help!
  • Video DownloadHelper is the Best downloader. I love it.
  • 000
  • Hasn't been working on youtube for a while now. Doesn't show the MP4 options only a shitty one that needs the companion app to work and I aint downloading that shit
  • Extremely handy and easy to use. Great download speeds. Fine Product.
  • There is a HUGE overlay of a QR code in a corner of the downloaded videos.
  • Great experience with fast downloading speed
  • Doesnt really work. Dont know on what side this works but not on common sites I use.
  • 我用Video DownloadHelper下载100多个视频,给学生上课用的学习视频,非常好用。感谢作者的辛勤劳动,谢谢作者mig,Thank you mig!!!
  • 4.5 stars. Superior ease of use. With Occasional fails — may offer only streaming and may occasionally need to change from Quick Time to VLC Media Player (fortunately also free) — most vids I want are easy to grab at various levels of quality.
  • I find it a passport to music in both forms. Thank you.
  • der downloder ist ganz toll