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  • Add on works as expected to download videos from various web sites after installing the companion app on Windows 10 PC. Virus scans came back clean.
    Many thanks for your kind report and ratings!
  • 好用的插件
    Thank you!
  • Better than DownloadHelper
    Many thanks for your report and ratings!
  • Не ботает без стороннего приложения, которое нужно покупать. Мошенничество.
    Please note that add-on and companion application are totally free.
    You probably confused us with someone else. We do not sell anything, neither accept any payments.
  • fantastic
    Many thanks for your report and ratings!
  • Add on is superb but now add on is not working on my MacBook Pro, to download videos, it is showing HTTP Live streaming,132 segments and when i click on download button it is showing Install Native application.
    Unfortunately, the current AVD is temporary only for Windows.
    Please to contact to support or refer to our Knowledge Base to get workaround for macOS.
  • had to install an add on and agree to terms and conditions and then it installed a ton of data and ultimately FAILED to find my video that it downloaded > ? Seriously ? am trolling thru windows to remove your left overs
    All downloaded files are stored in system Downloads folder by default.
    In case if you have troubles with AVD settings please contact to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form