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  • had to install an add on and agree to terms and conditions and then it installed a ton of data and ultimately FAILED to find my video that it downloaded > ? Seriously ? am trolling thru windows to remove your left overs
    All downloaded files are stored in system Downloads folder by default.
    In case if you have troubles with AVD settings please contact to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • Would it be possible to explain the need for the permissions? Why require access to all data for all websites? If you have time, a layperson explanation would be helpful. Could this be written without requiring access to all data for all websites?

    Thanks for your time
    Please check our Knowledge Base article related to your question here: https://support.ant.com/help/en-us/1-faq/12-why-does-avd-need-so-many-permissions-for-installation
  • after installing addon, video downloader no longer works
    Please contact with details about your problem to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • I don't know why so many people gave 1-star reviews. It worked fine for me. I used 7 or 8 add-ons trying to download a vid from a website and this one was the only one that managed to download it.
    Many thanks for your report and rating!
  • You can download files also on Linux or Mac by copying the two links (audio and video) separately on a new browser window and saving them (File->Save page as...). If the audio link doesn't have an extension, use .ogg. Then, you can merge the two files using Avidemux or ffmpeg. If you want to watch them on a player not supporting the webm format, while merging the files you need to convert them too. Ogg Vorbis files can be easily converted in ac3 without losses and HQ videos can be converted in h264 or h265 (=HEVC). The container should be .mp4 or .mkv. Not as easy as downloading all together, but easier to do than to explain ;-)
    Si possono scaricare file anche su linux e mac, quindi senza aver installato l'app apposita: basta copiare e incollare i link dei contenuti (audio e video) in due nuove finestre/schede e salvarli separatamente (File->Salva pagina con nome...). Per l'audio potrebbe essere necessario aggiungere l'estensione. In tal caso, usare .ogg. Dopo di che, i due file andranno uniti tramite un programma apposito (Avidemux o ffmpeg) e, se volete vederli su un dispositivo che non supporta il formato webm, anche convertiti. Il formato Ogg Vorbis può essere convertito in ac3 senza perdite e il video, se è ad alta qualità, dovrebbe essere convertito in h264 o h265 (=HEVC). Il file di destinazione potrebbe essere un mp4 o un mkv. Non facile come scaricare il file tutto intero, ma più facile a farsi che a dirsi.
    Many thanks for your tutorial, we will add similar to our Knowledge Base soon.
    The easiest way to use AVD on macOS and Linux at the moment is to install old version in Firefox 56 or below.
  • "native application is not available"
    вместо скачивание предлагает установить какое то приложение ! кидайте жалобы
    Please note that information about Native Application is listed in add-on description. This application is used for supporting old features that are not supported since Firefox 57.
  • Great add-on, only on flaw, it does not work on small video files lik few kilobytes.
    Can the developers fix this?
    Small files detection was disabled to protect add-on from short ads video in supported formats. Please contact with details about your problem to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • I can say for the most part, I've had good experiences with Ant bur a few of the latest ones have no audio. Out of the last 12 or so,5 had no audio,no matter what app used to play them.
    Thank you for your report. Please contact with details about your problem to our support here: https://www.ant.com/support_form
  • So good
    Thank you very much for your kind report and rating!