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  • (copy from "Jonathan Pasquier's")

    "Fast, easy to use, feature full..
    Thanks for sharing such a great add-on! "
  • Has helped me a lot. I like how there are different options for what to capture!
  • Fast, easy to use, feature full.. I use it almost every day!
    Thanks for sharing such a great add-on!
  • I often have to copy and print Gmail emails, and this program makes it a snap to copy the whole email and then edit if needed. The editing tools are simple to use and yet powerful. Thanks for a great add-on that's used every day!
  • Great, easy, efficient!
  • 如此之好用,功能簡潔強大,希望加入繁體中文語言的支持,非常感謝!
  • I love the "Keys Shortcuts" customizable feature to get the different types of screenshots, namely "Visible", "Entire Screen", "Selected Area", and "Selected&scroll" (my favorite).
  • No matter what I try, this current version does NOT work with Quantum(or whatever the hell current FF is).
    I do not use FF much now as this thing is waaaaaay toooooo dammmmnnnnnnnnn slow.
  • cool app!!!!
  • It is ok-ish. Sometimes failing and sometimes showing too many ads. But since other add-ons don't have a Blank Screen option, reluctantly, I have to stick with it.
  • The best screen capture extension. Complete and functional.
  • QUESTION: Why does Nimbus open a browser tab to a website "everhelper" then quickly close that tab? Are my screen captures being uploaded onto the internet without my permission? Developer, please tell everyone our captures remain on our local computer drives only! There is something about UNDOCUMENTED tabs opening and then closing that seem scummy.
  • Not a simple screen capture! It's a "google drive like"... but better, so much better!
    (perhaps you should give more explanations about the many ways to use it?!)
    I love it! Great great job
  • Simply the best
  • installed but no menu entry or in context menu ... sucks. wasted time.
  • Spy.
  • I have to capture webpages with HTML5 animations. No other screencap add-on captures properly except Nimbus! HIGHLY Recommend.
  • Several functions don't work as expected, such as Select and Scroll, when the page is zoomed. Otherwise, this add-on is very helpful in what it advertises to do. Solid 4 and half star, but I'll be generous and give it 5 star nonetheless.
  • This app really deserves 5 out of 5 stars. I've been using it for a while and works wonderful. Keep up the great work Nimbus. :)