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  • Очень часто после обновления не работает Crop, как и сейчас.
    В целом аддон отличный, но из-за этого бага приходится переходить на другой.
    Поддержка ответила, что ей известно об этой проблеме, но уже 2 недели ничего делать не собирается.
  • I use Nimbus Screen Capture almost everyday. It works great for me. I had to contact their help support once, got a quick responce and resolve to my issue. Nice program!
  • yea
  • Very useful and easy to use.
  • Very good and simple to use.
  • Very good and usefully.
  • buena aplicación
  • Ótimo! Tem me ajudado bastante.
  • Please make an option to hide add-on submenu on context menu. It's name is too long and it's barely needed there. Basically not needed at all.
  • Very nice. Performed side by side comparison with other screenshot extensions, the quality of the screenshots with this extension far surpass the others, works smoothly, and feature rich. It is also excellent that the extension here on FF offers the "copy to clipboard" function, saves time, an option that is very much needed in the Chrome/Brave browser version. Please also add that feature to work in Brave as well. Job very well done.
  • Great! This is the best screen capture for me.
  • Doesn't work in a private window
  • Ottimo e semplice da usare. Migliore di qualsiasi altro sistema a me noto per fare degli screenshot.
  • It is the best screen shot tool. It supports capture a fragment, that is the one that is the most useful to me
  • Height limited...
  • This has become one of my favorite tools to easily share snippets of sites.