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  • After latest upgrade "4 March 2019" cropping no longer works...
  • Best capturing extension. Works well in 95% cases. There are a few websites that it can't handle correctly.
  • Does not capture anything, even after restart.
  • really a nice choice to have it in the browser
  • It is maybe the best add-on to capture web pages screens.
  • Extention is good, thanks! But it seems that I've found a bug - I cannot paste text from clipboard to text editing field
  • It is so simple and also advanced. The thing that i can save a page from head to footer it's working great.
  • yes I am enjoying my experience and then some. Seems a great add-on to me. 5 stars ladies and gentlemen!
  • This is the best and easier then others I've tried
  • Perfect extension
  • The extension works very well and does what it advertises.
  • One of its best!
    There are a few websites that it can't handle correctly. Then sometimes a try an other screencapture tool which sometimes can handle it better. But most this tool works fine and has a lot of features in the free version!
  • works wonderfully. very reliable. lots of features.
  • easily the most feature-full and easy to use browser screenshot extension - with support for automatically capturing certain elements on the page, or scrolling to capture something out of view, and the ability to draw on the result and quickly copy it to the clipboard or save it as a file etc., I can highly recommend this add-on.