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  • Good performance. I am really satisfied.
  • I've been using this Nimbus Screen Capture for about a month, and so far it does everything I need quickly and easily. My personal favorites are the "Selected and Scroll" capture option,the ability to easily annotate what was captured, and being able to save the resulting file to my computer as well as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
    There is only one small area for improvement - it's not clear (or wasn't to me, at least) that some annotation options are only available if you use Nimbus Note.
    UPDATE: The annotation page is in fact misleading in that it lists Dropbox as a place you can save your captured file when in fact you need the Premium version. That drops my five star rating down to four.
  • Awesome addon works better than other similar addons of this type.
  • It has very good features, but I found two problems:
    - No video recorder (as in chrome version)
    - The drop-box disapear when we want to take a shot, even in delayed shot feature.

    When we have solutions for these problems I'll give five stars.
  • [PREVIOUS REVIEW] Can you please bring crop back????

    Thank you for listening to me! Crop is back =)
  • Excellent, feature-rich and user friendly: the impossible duo working side by side in almost perfect harmony. Wish Nimbus Note was available for Firefox, that would really put the icing on the cake.
  • best screenshot add-on ever
  • It is working very well on Firefox. Thank you for developing such a useful app!
  • Lightweight, easy to use, all the functions I'd want in a screen capture utility.
  • Works great on most websites. There are some instances where it won't capture the "Entire page".
  • After latest upgrade "4 March 2019" cropping no longer works...
  • Best capturing extension. Works well in 95% cases. There are a few websites that it can't handle correctly.