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  • easily the most feature-full and easy to use browser screenshot extension - with support for automatically capturing certain elements on the page, or scrolling to capture something out of view, and the ability to draw on the result and quickly copy it to the clipboard or save it as a file etc., I can highly recommend this add-on.
  • 전에는 완벽했으나 얼마전 패치를 하고 나서는
    원래 스크롤캡처를 하고 나서 저장하기전에 사이즈 조절이 가능했던 기능이 삭제됐다
    엄~~~~청 불편해졌다
    그리고 캡쳐 할려다가 취소하면 이후로 캡쳐기능이 마비됨
    브라우저를 재실행해야함
    패치후에 버그투성이됨
  • Quick, easy, effective. I like being able to establish quality parameters of captures.
  • Time and again, this extension is a go-to to save or print a page that gets "garbled" when I want to print! Works like a charm.
  • I need to use some screen capturing tool in my work and I've tried multiple over the past years. I am using Nimbus for a year now and it has been a perfect experience so far and I have no reason to search any further.
  • I can not live without it. I use it for personal use on my PC. I use Nimbus capture to take screenshots of snippets on web pages I want to reference later and confirmation purchases I make, I take a screenshot and place it in a folder on my PC to keep track of current incoming orders on Amazon and misc sites I shop at. I use it to take screenshots of live chat windows that have a phone number or other important information I need to log somewhere else. I use it to take screenshots of things on the web to show my family. I use the "selected and scroll" feature to quick print an article or picture. It is easier for me to have nimbus capture with the "visible part of page" feature and print rather than using the "print preview" . Right now I am using the "action after screenshot" setting to download my screen captures to use in my eBay store. Screenshots are so easy to take and then toss when you are done using them.
  • a must-have add-on for every FF user
  • I loved it and enjoyed it all the time.
  • Needs a save as .tiff option and the scroll and select is shite.....
  • Great little tool, superb editing options
  • It worked very well for me :-D
  • Es la mejor de todos
  • My go-to extension for screen captures!
  • Still much better than the native capture tool. Using it for years, best option out there, for both Chrome and Firefox.
  • (copy from "Jonathan Pasquier's")

    "Fast, easy to use, feature full..
    Thanks for sharing such a great add-on! "
  • Has helped me a lot. I like how there are different options for what to capture!
  • Fast, easy to use, feature full.. I use it almost every day!
    Thanks for sharing such a great add-on!
  • I often have to copy and print Gmail emails, and this program makes it a snap to copy the whole email and then edit if needed. The editing tools are simple to use and yet powerful. Thanks for a great add-on that's used every day!