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  • This is the best ScreenShot system. It beats even Mozilla's version. Not only that, I can take shots of Docs, Excel, Pdf's which Google & Outlook won't let you do. Ergo, I can now turn Word Graphics into JPG's for use on all media platforms etc etc ! Luckily, I still have Picasa on all my systems which is a great editing tool when combined with AcDc. On other parallels, all the older systems are still the best !
    Google Docs & Shhets are crap ! Open Office has been made to complicated = Crap ! Outlook is reasonable as you can still insert text boxes + 4/10 ! Microsoft Edge is shite !
    The trouble with the Computer Nerd's they employ is that they insist upon fixing great systems that aint broke PERIOD ! ........ They forget that the majority populations are still over 50 years & want things simple like Winsows 7 & Picasa ! -- Keep up the good work. I and multi 000's appreciate it so much & I will indeed make a donation. Best. Tony.
  • Works great so far. Only thing not working is dropping an image in the Blank screen feature. You can, however, select a file to upload using the left most icon in the toolbar. I contacted support about this and they replied within an hour and said that they'll get it fixed.
    Adding elements when editing is easy but dragging and resizing is not as easy as Awesome screenshot. Needs improvement there.
  • Great capture tool. Love it and have been using it forever!
  • Simple and extremely helpful!
  • the output of screen shot doesn't match the selected area. useless!
  • Does not capture entire page anymore.
    It used to work great (back in mid-late 2017).
    Now it is an exercise in futility to keep hitting
    the capture button and say a little prayer while
    the page scrolls from bottom to top - then - no joy.
    I am using Windows 7 pc and Mozilla FF browser 58.0
  • Can you add option to save as pdf?
  • This is one of the worst and most poorly executed add-ons I've ever been given the chance to see.

    Clicking on the items in the main menu does nothing, one has to right-click and select "entire page" instead, to get it working. After taking the screenshot I am taken to a page to "edit" the screenshot, so I click "Done" to get the bloody image into my computer.

    The "save" button does not produce a "save as" dialog as one would expect. IT saves the image... in the cloud? WHY? WHERE? HOW DO I GET A LOCAL FILE FROM THAT?

    There is also an option to "download" the image, but that doesn't present a "save as" dialog either. IT pretends to save the image onto your computer, but does not let you know where. After fiddling around you get to open a data:/... URL on your browser, which you can thankfully save. But, alas, it has a bloody banner to the top.

    The settings section is also a mess. On first sight, I dismissed the "edit" default action, and chose "download" instead. Poor stupid me. After seing that this doesn't produce a Save As dialog, I wanted the "Edit" mode back, to at least get the image somehow, but THE OPTION WAS NOT THERE ANYMORE.

    I will waste no more time to describe this piece of crap. Guys, let go of programming, and do something else. By the way, I program since 2003.
  • The latest version (12.6.1) works great, and does all that a screenshot tool is meant to do. As I'm a web developer, I use it pretty frequently. Thanks for this great tool!
  • Captures well, but too many pop ups and redirects for my liking. Just capture the page please, I don't want to create an account or any of that jazz.
  • Never been better than Nimbus. Offers so many variants to saveas's locations. Occasionally it hits the SNAFU level which means you remove then replace and then it works. Then confident that life is all normal again you rate it 5stars and write this. Thanks Nimbus. You always get my vote.
  • The only extension I tried that can capture the entire page CORRECTLY. :P
  • solamente captura paginas enteras pero no puedo configurarlas a otro formato pues la barra de hemientas no esta traducida
    y no la entiendo
  • I cannot understand why a professional organization continues to make a product that is not compatible with Mozilla's updates nor Microsoft Edge, two of the leading browsers used today. For a while back, Nimbus was an add on of choice for working with creative solutions, but now its developers cannot keep up with the evolving world of the browsers that they could once support.

    Do not install this on Mozilla Firefox or expect it to work with Edge, unless you are forced into using Chrome, which I do not and will not use.

    So I guess they are willing to forfeit market share and continue to argue with users that their product simply does not support the rapid evolving world of browsers, Maybe their company is destined to fail due to their lack of responsiveness to the market...who knows, but you may find that there are compatibility issues now or later since they don't seem to be so interested in keeping current with their product!
  • Would like be able to retouch the photo
  • Interesting, but I prefer products that can produce non-paginated PDF.

    https://fvdmedia.userecho.com/forums/4-nimbus-products/topics/6763-nimbus-working-greathowever-there-should-be-an-option-to-save-as-pdf-also/ noted.
  • Very poor compared to the last screenshot program. Is there any way I can get the previous program back?
  • Shortcut keys won't work in Firefox (Ubuntu 16.04 / 17.10)
    Can take a screen-shot with drop-down hanging in form.