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  • copy to clipboard gone, reallyyyyyy wtf?
  • GG
  • http://nimbus-screenshot.everhelper.me/releasecapture-ff.php (How to disable this??)


    sync.everhelper.me (why they are trying to connect everytime?)
  • Not usable anymore since the clipboard functionality was removed. It was nice having this right in-browser. Back to Snipping Tool. :(
  • Does not work with FireFox anymore!
  • Does a great job. Though I have not found a way to change the default save image format to jpg. Overall, very happy I found this one.
  • doet wat ie moet !
  • Best screenshot addon I used so far (and I tried many). It's very intuitive and comes with many features. Absolutely perfect. Great job!!
  • It's not working..
    clicking on the Button does nothing at all.

    Previously one of my favorite addons! =/
  • New version works for me. Took couple of days to get used to it, now no probs.
  • Old Ver. 9 was best of the best. Now rate it as a "One". Losing the copy toolwas a big mistake and they followed the pack by making it soooo slow. Poor choice now! I won't donate again unless they fix the tool.
  • Used to be GREAT, now not usable at all. I can already screenshot without this, it was only useful in being able to select what you need and THEN paste it where you need it. Now that this function is gone, no use for this app. Hope it comes back!
  • I used and really love this add-on
  • Нужно было делать скриншоты длинных страниц. Дополнение это делает. Спасибо!
  • Editing is easier in new version but really miss the copy to clipboard.
  • Few weeks ago it was a brilliant and quick entire page screen grabber. Since v.12 it is a slow piece of shit. Sometimes it won't work. Garbage.

    Very quick I found and recommend you Fireshot for full page screen shots.
  • 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' : The Version 9 is much snappy compared to the new version. The new version is terrible. Laggy, slow respond and will just make your browser freeze. So disappointing with this Version 12.
  • It works great for me, although with the current Firefox there is a slight glitch. After installing the extension I clicked on the icon and got a blank white php page. I closed the tab and then clicked on the icon again and now the extension seems to work as expected.
  • I loved Nimbus Screen Capture before so much that I almost made a contribution. Good thing I didn't! The recently-updated version is absolutely terrible! It takes forever and a day to take a shot, and saving images has lost its simplicity. I'll end my review here, as I have to go find another screenshot add-on!
  • I'd give it negative stars if I could. I have used Nimbus Screen Capture flawlessly for YEARS. I normally don't update my Add-Ons 'cuz typically the newest version always takes away functionality in order to get you to buy or pay for the "premium" version when the earliest versions had all of the functionality. I didn't think this would be true with Nimbus. They have been around for a long time & were reputable so I thought "what's the risk"??? Boy-oh-boy was I wrong!!!! The last version I had could capture an entire web page in under 3 seconds. And I could copy it to the clipboard as an "option". Just capture an entire web page & past it into multiple image editors, office editors, or other apps. NOT NOW!!!! In order to capture an ENTIRE web page, it can now take MINUTES. The process for the new version is to JUMP all the way to the bottom of the web page & start "scrolling" up, taking a screen shot every time the scrolling pauses. Then it assembles the screen shots in to a complete "image" & is automatically opened up in the Nimbus Screen Shot Editor Tab. I tried to do a Nimbus "Entire Web Page" capture on what I didn't know was a long web page. It took 2 minutes & it wasn't even half-way finished!!! I tried to to stop the Nimbus "Entire Web Page" capture process, but there was no way to stop it. I had to kill the tab & start over. HORRIBLE. I am currently scouring the internet for an older version that worked FAST & EFFICIENT. If I can't find it, I will not use ANY Nimbus Add-ons ever again. Way to fµck it up guys!!! Ya know why Google is SO SUCCESSFUL??? SIMPLICITY!!! THEY JUST KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!! All you software companies & app makers always to to take a simple, fast, efficient, & eloquent concept & BLOW IT UP all in the name trying to get rich or trying to become the "standard". All you have to think is "GOOGLE" & "YOUTUBE" Simple, fast, efficient, & eloquent you fµcktards!!!
  • Couldn't leave well enough alone could you? You had an add-on that was simple, & easy to use and very effective. Now you have a train wreck! To bad you screwed up so bad. I was going to donate some $$$. Now I am thinking about sending a BILL!....I am removing it from my browser guys!
  • ... main my use was save to clipboard, then the functionality vanished. (Like others below I *used to* love this add-on)
  • It does what I need, and it works fine!
  • I use this quite often to create screenshots for instructional e-mails with the "Copy to clipboard" function.

    The removal of this feature pretty much makes this useless to me. :(