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  • Llevaba mucho tiempo intentando copiar una pagina entera y no sabía cómo hacerlo. Con este programa puedes capturar un pequeño fragmento como todo el contenido de esa hora.
  • Por lo que he probado, parece bastante bueno.
  • In settings -> what to do after screenshoot, copy to clipboard option do not work!
  • Chrome version is by far better with the ability to take desktop screenshots but dev's have to deal with the hand they are dealt. I would agree with other people that experience the "New" page each time the button is clicked after a browser start is annoying.
  • The new "Copy to Clipboard" feature doesn't even work! It just pastes the text I previously had in my clipboard. I ONLY use this add-on to copy images to my clipboard, and I can't even do that because it's broken. Further, it no longer scrolls down the page while I'm taking a screenshot. Uninstalled.
  • Why selected&scroll can't save to clipboard anymore? It's the feature i use most...Please put it back....That would be very grateful..
  • Saving the entire page by scrolling is broken, it will NOT save the whole page. It cuts off the left side of the area that you have selected. Why can't they fix this bug that EVERYONE reports?
  • Дополнение отличное!
    Но есть баги. Пока нашел пару штук.
    - при скриншоте через выделение на странице гугл почты, происходит увеличение страницы в несколько раз
    - при скриншоте через прокрутку вниз, прокрутка не работает
    - остальные баги пока не искал, версия моей Лисицы самая новая
  • I cannot belive some people (or fraud/spammers) are leaving negitive reviews!
    This tool does everything you'd need, save to file, to clibboard, or even Google Drive!
    You can edit the image etc before hand like draw in it etc as well.
    5/5 stars!
  • I get 3 issues:

    1) it doesn't save settings;

    2) icon is showing "new" every time I launch Firefox;

    3) I can't deselect "Android Version"
  • The Chrome add-on has "Video recording" feature, but why doesn't the Firefox have it?
    Please consider adding it, and my rating would be to five stars!
  • It's spying on users. Every time an image is saved a GET request is fired to https://everhelper.me/nimbus-download-image.html.
    Copy functionality is still there: Just right click finished image and select 'Copy Imgae'. API to support dedicated 'Copy' button was removed by Firefox in version 57.
  • No copy to clipboard, and SPAM! Everytime I open firefox I am redirected to


    This is irritating and seems to be a gimmick to redirect users to your website.
  • Was the best, but it's all over now... What will become all my old notes?
  • copy to clipboard gone, reallyyyyyy wtf?
  • GG
  • http://nimbus-screenshot.everhelper.me/releasecapture-ff.php (How to disable this??)


    sync.everhelper.me (why they are trying to connect everytime?)
  • Not usable anymore since the clipboard functionality was removed. It was nice having this right in-browser. Back to Snipping Tool. :(