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  • Ao desinstalar essa extensão o consumo de memória RAM que beirava os 3GB caiu para 700mb, melhor utilizar o lightshot que consome menos RAM e é muito mais eficiente.
  • Works very well and the features are nice. It does not support to capture extremely long pages though, FF hangs when doing this.
  • Great screenshot extension. It works smoothly, it's intuitive and well, it accomplishes everything it promises.
  • Excellent addons, very helpful tool, some issues on sites working with iframes
  • PERFECT!!! Just what I needed~!
    Spent money on SnagiT Screen capture tool and it quit capturing webpages without extension from Firefox or Chrome browsers, but this tool works FAR BETTER!!
    Thank You Nimbus~!
  • On very few occasions it failed to do what I asked it to do, but for the most part it is a beauty. I am able to quickly cut, edit, and copy/paste the image to another browser window directly from the app without needing to save it to my hard disk.
    Such a time saver! Full of well thought out features. Can't say enough about it.
  • Assim como no teste com a ferramenta nativa do Firefox "Capturar tela", esta extensão também não conseguiu tirar uma captura de tela de página inteira, sem ignorar o conteúdo de uma longa "sobreposição" (overlay), que é o conteúdo mais importante da página. Arquivo da captura do Nimbus Screen Capture: https://postimg.cc/5Y7wBpJP ; Site: http://www.arquivoestado.sp.gov.br/site/acervo/memoria_do_imigrante/pesquisa_livros_hospedaria ; Arquivo da captura da extensão Awesome Screenshot Plus: https://postimg.cc/bDQGmT10 ; Esta captura da extensão concorrente também não está elogiável, porque não está perfeitamente contínua, porém, prova que a captura da Nimbus ignorou totalmente a sobreposição, que neste caso possui a informação mais importante. Além disso, a opção para salvar em disco falhou durante o download repetidas vezes. Copiei para a área de transferência e colei no Microsoft Paint para conseguir Salvar. Espero que leiam a minha mensagem e aprimorem o recurso.
  • The only feature that works for me is capture "Visible part of page." The other 6 options don't work.
  • Works very well for most screen shot needs. It's also great for screen recording IF you use it on Chrome. I use it on both my PC and Mac.
  • Really helpful tool. Can be more so: Yellow highlight is too opaque; covers text. Could have a single "underline" tool for emphasis. Nice you can select and edit. For being in a hurry, offering Screenshot URL up-front would be great. PREMIUM seems unnecessarily expensive.

    Why not TWO premium options: 1. lesser cost for students/budgeted with better tools, etc., and 2. BUSINESS who needs the space, features, etc for heftier cost where cost isn't a concern.
  • addon not capable of taking full website, select & drag also not working. addon can only take screenshots of "visible part". so another useless addon. maybe it is firefox, but I actualy do not care, if they cant make it work, they should stop advertising it.
  • Расширение Nimbus Screen Capture оказалось одним из наиболее удобных среди аналогичных:)
  • It Does The job, i like it