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  • Works great for long scrolling screen captures, as well as for conventional screen captures
  • Unable to upload your own screenshots without an account.
  • very very good, luv the scroll , since it helps with annoying iframse that don't print or are cut off, this captures exactly what i need. However a minus star that there is no preview and print(as i like to print to pdf)
  • Wonderful, I use it all the time!
  • Absolutely useless, retarded garbage = scrolls down 2 capture multiple 'pieces' of page instead of 1 long image, & the addon is over 6 megabytes. Going back to my stash of 'forbidden addons' Mozilla so retardedly deleted from their site, so I can use something that actually WORKS! =)

    Note: Went 2 my old stash of addons I saved & 'Abduction!' works much better than N E of the 'latest greatest' stuff on the Firefox site. Of coruse, in their 'infinite wisdom' they delete the stuff that actually works, I guess because their goal is 2 keep BREAKING the browser so they can sell 'Cu$tomer $upport' contracts or something = lame. Reminds me how 'Mouse Gestures Redox' is by far the best gesture addon, & like the rest if U tweak Firefox to IGNORE the 'compatability' lockouts it installs & works just fine = WAY better than the others! =)
  • You're still the one I love
  • Frustrated that Firefox disabled a developer-mode --fullscreen capability with a recent update, went looking for a simple extension that would grab long webpages. This extension is great with a lot of flexibility and options - love it!
  • I wish this would let you determine the format you want for the timestamp. {date} and {time} are full of hyphens: add a YYYYMMDD and HHMMSS option!
  • I use this on Chrome and Firefox and it's great. I love it.
  • Version 12.4.1 on Ubuntu creates files that aren't recognized by some apps as JPEGs (GIMP opens them but gThumb, Pinta, etc don't). Only grabs the first page of a multi-page tweet.
  • it is comfortable to take screenshot all web page. And i can edit screen capture before save it.
  • The only screen capture who can ALL the page and edit them before saving
  • Funktioniert super! Genau das, was ich brauche