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  • As a web developer I need precise control over form history. This add-on is perfect for the task.
  • I've just installed v1.4.0.5 in FF 45 and it works like a charm.
    Thank you so much for this great add-on.
  • Hands down, this is the greatest extension ever made, for all those times when some stupid webapp decides it doesn't want to save the document you spent the last N hours writing, this extension will save your bacon.
  • Hi,

    I tried the form history extension many times and it never worked for me. For example, I sign up for Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/reg/join, and submitted after filling up everything. But the extension did not save the form. Whereas Lazarus worked.

    That was just one example. I tried it form many signup forms where you put your desired username, email, first name, last name etc.. This extenstion never worked in those cases. Whereas Lazarus works there. The problem is Lazarus is not developed anymore.

    So, I hope you will make it work everywhere soon as that is possible.

    There is a fundamental difference between Lazarus and Form History Control. Lazarus has created it's own formhistory mechanism which enables them to fully control which fields and controls are being stored. Form History Control however, relies almost entirely on the formhistory mechanism built into Firefox. That is the reason that Lazarus can capture almost everything and Form History Control only captures the standard HTML form textfields.The only thing I have added to Form History Control is the ability to additionally store the state of radiobuttons/checkboxes and most (unfortunately not all) of the multi-line/wysiwyg input fields.

    When I started developing this add-on, it captured almost every textinput field out there, but new developments in HTML, CSS and techniques like Ajax created new types of input that could no longer be captured by Firefox which is purely based on HTML forms with textinput fields. Maybe my biggest mistake was not to make this clear in the description of this add-on when. This add-on is basically a User Interface to manage the formhistory which is stored by the standard built-in formhistory mechanism (with some additional extra's).

    Trying to make Form History Control behave more like Lazarus requires a complete rewrite of the core functionality of this add-on, something that is inevitable anyway because of the upcoming API-changes (Electrolysis aka e10s) which will also affect Lazarus in the not so distant future.
    Given that the development and maintenance of this add-on has taken hundreds of hours up to now, and many more hours have to be spent to keep this add-on functioning in future releases of Firefox, it may very well be that the lifespan of this add-on has come to an end.
  • back when lazarus form recovery used to work, it was by far the better addon but sadly its become abandoned. Ive had a chance to use Form History and it works good for some things like blogging or long forum posts but as a "catch all" recovery solution its just not catching everything. i am a bit put off by that. this is supposed to begin recording the instant i begin typing and yet with the latest firefox 39 on win7 seems to only record certain fields. for example i goto ebay and search "alligator clamp" and reload the page by accident or delete the search terms manually or whatever, i would expect Form History Control to be able to "fill fields with the most recent data" but nothing is repopulated in the search, i then checked under "restore editor field" and the entry reads in ignorant greyed out text "no backup found". i even went so far as to make sure i had a check mark under "Save a backup of editor fields while typing, even when in private browsing mode" to no avail, i even initiated a manual save, nope...nada. this is just one example of the many form fields i encounter where form history refuses to record the data, even with a manual save.

    Update:after about rewritting the search words in the ebay search field manually and clearing the entry about 50 times (roughly 5 minutes of clicking and fiddling) form history control managed to save the terms "alligator clamp". seriously. what a hassle. i just do not understand the love for this addon, i mean if it worked as expected i would be all on board. sigh. back to partially working lazarus.
    The problem is, that this add-on relies heavily on the search history stored by Firefox itself for simple text-fields (not the editor fields) normally stored after a form-submit..

    In the case of ebay the searchfield is not stored by Firefox because ebay has set the option autocomplete="off" for the searchfield.

    Setting autocomplete="off" has two effects:
    1. It stops the browser saving field data for later autocompletion on similar forms though heuristics that vary by browser.
    2. It stops the browser caching form data in session history.
  • This is the best form history control add on so i'm giving it 5 stars.
    Just one feature request from me in the next update version: Please give a 'copy to clipboard' button in the Form History Control Dialog besides where 'show only current page' and 'show only current field' check boxes are available. It would made it easy to copy any clip then.
    Thanx in advance....
    Feature has been added in version You can now copy a value to the clipboard from the dropdown menu or the right-click popup menu.
  • Just simply amazing.
  • A permis à plusieurs reprises de me sauver de mauvaises situations. Fonctionne bien.
    Much needed feature!
    (should be built-in Firefox!)
  • I can change format. What format encode needed?
    in UTF8: https://yadi.sk/d/283a5qL0ezJPG
    Sorry for the delay, Russian translation added to version
  • Excellent replacement for Lazarus that went out of the window.
  • Works as i expected. Thank you. :)
  • I referred to the fact it only inputs type = "text" are showed
    On the third tab the main window shows you textarea fields as well. This add-on is primarily for showing and managing formhistory as stored by FF. If you want to store and manage radiobuttons and checkboxes as well, use a formfiller add-on.

    [edit] As of v 1.4 this add-on will also store radiobuttons and checkboxes
  • Perfect. Very usefull addon for default database of fields' autofill datas.

    But for some reason it's shortcuts doesn't work for me then I make, for example, "fill recently" ctrl+1 (choose of the first tab was disabled by another addon)
    If you choose a shortcut already in use by the browser or another add-on, it will not work. Nothing I can do about that.
  • Very useful add-on. It saves so much time.
  • Wow, much more powerful and useful than I expected.
  • Well I never knew you can control that... Nice thinking!
  • Offers the choice of several date display options;
    Yet the international standard for date display
    – which makes more sense than any other option –
    is not an option.

    The international standard for date display is also what you would use if you wanted to chronologically sort your dates.

    Year – month – day (hr – min – sec).
    So curious why this is not an option. ??
    There are a few predefined date formats but you are free to enter your own, for example yy-MM-dd. Hit the little i-button and you wil see all possible formatting options.
    Furthermore, dates are always chronologically sorted, regardless the display format.
  • I've just reinstalled this. I had it running for months in the background, but didn't get to grips with it when I first installed it. There is quite a lot to get your head round because it does quite a lot of stuff and provides rich information and a lot of configuration options. You don't have to be a computer expert, but it might take a bit of time to read the help files (there's a menu item to open the website behind the dialog, so don't forget to minimize the latter to read it!) and think about the various tabs on the Options dialog to set it up how you want it, possibly over weeks of trial. For instance, I had no idea how useful and richly displayed the Editor History was until now - hovering over the relevant form field entry for a blog post I wrote last week shows the text and images are there, backed up in case of loss.

    I also had an issue with the sizing of the main dialog - not showing the whole window, not resizeable, and taller than my 600 px screen so I couldn't get to the buttons, but it seems to have rectified itself - maybe I'll post to Support when I figure out when/how/if it comes back. I closed it by temporarily making my taskbar auto-hidden, but the next time I opened it, it was a normal window.

    I would like a button or shortcut key to quickly protect items I see in the preview or history list - the menu item makes it a little fiddly to do several, and each then opens another dialog to give details, name it..?...etc. Improving the intuitive use of so much information isn't easy, but I believe it could be done with some tool tips and/or serious consideration of every element and tab. It isn't immediately clear what the difference is between "Show History" and "Editor History" (i.e. between the different kinds of field, or the triggering of their collection), for instance.

    I get the feeling this addon is really well thought out and maintained. Rather than just lists of dates, for instance, it gives "3 days ago" etc., which is useful to find things in a long list. Lots of nice details like that. Good work Stephan and thanks.
  • Great Extension sir
  • Can't figure out how to insert a word from a saved entry, but it does at least show what I typed in most fields, that much is nice!

    And if anything install this addon to see how much firefox collected data you "THINK" you deleted and this addon will show you, it is still there! LOL

    This addon showed me passwords from gmail, etc that I *THOUGHT* I deleted via using other "eraser" addons and the like.. So get this just for that if anything else! :)
  • what i was looking for, you getting full control with an easy to manage interface
  • This is a great add on. If I accidentally refresh my browser or hit the back arrow while filling out a ticket at work, everything is lost. With Form History Control I can just right click in the form field> go to "Form History"> "Restore editor field"> and choose the latest entry. This add on is a life saver for me. It has other features and is highly customizable as well.
  • Great, thank you!
  • was waiting for that