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  • First of thanks for keeping it updated, I'm a long time user. I have a few nitpicks that haven't been addressed in the latest version: The small pop-up clips too much information and I never use it, could you make it re-sizable? Could you add hot keys? One last thing, will advanced search ever make a return?
    There are size limitations set by the browser for small popups. If you want to see more information use the bigger and resizable dialog (right mouseclick, first option).
    User definable shortcut keys are on my todo list, the possibility for this was made available to add-ons recently.
  • This is one of the essential add-ons on any Firefox. At work, I have to use Windows Vista, so I'm stuck with Firefox 52 ESR, but luckily, version 1.4 works wonderfully there! Recently, I noticed it works somewhat better than on the Firefox Quantum at home: I cannot edit password field entries with version 2.0! I know the field names, I know the data there are in them, but they simply don't show up on listing or searching. I wonder if that's a Firefox Quantum limitation (for improving security, that ends up opening a security hole, because I cannot delete those fields' data).
    Password fields are not stored by this add-on, that is by design. Firefox itself however will save this data (if you chose to do so), but will do that in protected storage. The Form History Control (or any other extension) has no access to that internal storage of Firefox.
  • Looking forward for a sync across devices.
    Does not work on mobile FF - impossible to interact (copy etc buttons do not respond).
    Syncing settings using the standard synchronization mechanism would be no problem but syncing data (form history) would be impossible because of the 100KB size limit.
  • fantastic
  • Would be nice if I could disable "remembering" certain field types or sites. Otherwise, a great replacement for lazarus :)
    It is being developed and will be available in the next release.

    [update 25 aug] It is available in release
  • Just works fine on different sites.
  • I love how this can help me save my work when I'm typing directly into text fields! This extension is a must.
  • This add-on is a life saver when a site borks and removes the text you've drafted, or reloads for no apparent reason, or just decides to log you out. Couldn't live without it.
  • Just the thing for tax forms that might take days to complete but say:

    "One-time submission

    The online FBAR form does not allow you to save your progress during
    form completion as it is designed to benefit filers who are ready to
    file the FBAR today. If you have gathered all information needed to
    complete and submit the FBAR in a one-sitting, then the online form
    might be right for you."
  • Thank you
  • Thank you