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  • Vertical and horizontal scroll bars on the extension menu are very annoying.

    Extension seemed like it would be useful, but the effed up menu drove me nuts.
  • this is not mine some one has stole my card and has inþhratred the system with my sim or pick card
  • Wonderfull tool for your privacy! I have been use in my desktop for one month, and I feel the pages load more faster.
    One tip, if you use Disconnet with uMatrix...its a perfect match of privacy

    I just have a note, in my mobile phone, the extension don't launch...
  • Nekem tetszik!
  • Very very usefull, I cannot disable this add
    But, unfortunately, there is a problem with recent twitter web app on showing a page redirected via short url. For example, this page via short url https://t.co/mAHXje4DwK is not good, but expanded url https://twitter.com/GamerNeJp/status/1153885140533182465 is good.