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  • Perfection materialized...
  • i just wanted to see how it can control my universal ads
  • Did not make pages load any faster than before. Also, breaks all google sites - content in drive, youtube, etc does not show up and when I got to a google doc by having a link directly sent, I could not type anything.
    This is very strange behavior, definitely not normal and we can't reproduce. Any details you could send to support@disconnect.me would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • For an extension that's supposed to be about privacy, the fact that the permissions have changed to now require "unlimited storage of client side data" is incredibly suspicious.
    We did not change the permission on our end. Also, we collect zero data (except if you explicitly volunteer it, like if you send us an email). Our entire business is protecting your privacy, we don't make any money on your data. In order to block trackers on websites you visit we need the permissions we ask for, unfortunately.
  • one simple addons with maximum ability
  • Why do you not have options - this new update caches pages - and I don't want that - sure, some might - hence the need for choices.
    so - uninstalled.
  • Would be great but often "forgets" what I whitelisted on FF. No problem w/Opera or Chrome, but I don't want to use them as they're less secure. Since I disabled this on FF opening browser is faster because my home page isn't blacklisted by this ext. Yes, I even whitelisted my homepage in FF options. Running Windows. Give me a solution and I'll gladly change my review. Using other quality priv/sec ext.s so not flying naked, but this was, could be a nice layer. Yeah, I saw the instructions about installing it before other P&S ext.s. Still "forgets". This is review is meant to be constructive, not negative. I know these ext.s are hard work.
    Really appreciate the feedback and we are looking into a solution to these issues. Would be great to have more details about "forgetting" whitelisting. Is this happening between sessions, for example. Any more details sent to support@disconnect.me would be appreciated. Thank you.