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  • nice
  • nice job
  • Rapid add on.
  • This is bad
  • Good Idea and good job, nice interface!
  • Thanks!
  • is oke fine
  • The "content" option should be blocked by default!
    If an user found that it breaks websites, then he might have the option to unblock "content".
    It is a shame to force all users to behave as soft-users. You are downgrading users to the same low level.

    Also, if you don't block "content" by default, then why do you count "content" as blocked?
    It should not appear at the counter in the icon.
    It is a shame (if not a scum) to do that.

    And worst, if an user blocks "content", why the add-on doesn't remember/respect user' choice after browser restarting?
    Why users must block same "content" at every session?
    ... just crazy!... so mediocre!

    And you are hearing from us users, the same complains every year... and nothing, zero changes, zero improvements.
    You deserve zero stars due to your blindness along so many years.