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  • Very very good and usefull VPN addon, i really like it and buy premium with location that i need, but when i use VPN connection some dowloads at browser can't finished. Its just lost at midle of downloads. And Multithreaded Download Manager don't help me =(

    Also can you add r.o.b.e.r.t. settings in android and pc version? And i have a very unstable connection of you android vpn when i use proxy for additional layer of protection in my case.
  • Simple. Effective. Good range of free locations. Easy to use. Overall a solid way to use windscribe.
  • I don't have much experience or huge need for VPN as the country I live in is, thankfully, still a first world country; (for how much longer I wonder?) but to me Windscribe is simply the best and most straightforward VPN service there is out there! Thanks!
  • Мерзкий аддон который мешает работе браузера даже когда ВПН выключен
  • Very Good
  • J'utilise Windsccribe, NordVpn et PureVpn. Windscribe est la meilleure sur ios firefox et Android ! Good job guys !