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  • Must be the best free VPN available, so easy to download & install. Good range of servers around the world. If you supply and validate an email address you get 10GB a month free.
  • Sehr schön ist die Autopilot funktion
    Und auch das overlay ist schön
  • I have not been using Windscribe 24/7; only at select times. But apparently at some point its configuration set itself to run when the browser starts, and ran itself out of data. Curiously, it also thought that this was October (it's actually the middle of December).
    Lastly, the nagging to upgrade is ubiquitous and annoying enough to cause me to seriously contemplate uninstalling the app permanently. It promises anonymity and warns about invasive ads - then floods you with its own.
  • Good
  • Best Free ad-blocker on the web.