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  • The extension I was looking for, works great for my PC.

    Downside, it doesn't work on my mobile and I use Firefox a lot from there...

    EDIT: When I downloaded it it was marked as working also on mobile, maybe it was a Firefox's addons store issue. Besides I really think it should also work on mobile, so five stars should wait until Firefox gives the developers the tools to work on it.
    It doesn't work on mobile because Firefox on mobile doesn't (yet) allow extensions to do the same things they can on Desktop. There is nothing I can do about it unfortunately, which is why I did not mark this extension as compatible with mobile. We have to wait. It is unfortunate you chose to lower your rating based on something that is out of my control and which I never claimed the extension is capable of doing.
  • I love it!!
  • This capability was sorely needed, and is well done. Works as advertised, and is easy to use. Many thanks!
  • so far so good! awesome!
  • Funciona conforme o esperado!
  • Simple to use and decent interface. I like how it uses native Firefox bookmarks.
  • Always wanted something like this. Nice and simple with a responsive dev!
  • Great alternative to HUSH addon! This is the best keep up the good work developer. Will promote your addon
  • This addon is really close to be perfect. Easy, intuitive, sleek. It works like a charm and suits my needs quite well.
    However one thing I need seems to be missing: synchronization. When I move my bookmarks to the Private Bookmarks folder, they are not longer available on my other machines.
    I would like to see an option to sync my private bookmarks, just as any others. Maybe save the encrypted bookmarks in the firefox account? When accessing them from another machine, the password should match to open them.
    There is already some import/export mechanism, but I need automatic sync. Still for a version of 0.0.12 this is really good stuff.

    Thanks for the reply. You're right regarding my rating. I look forward to the new feature. Keep up the good work ;)
    Thanks for the feedback! An option to opt-in for syncing is a feature that is definitely on my radar. Unfortunately, the tools Firefox makes available to extension developers impose a size limit on the amount of data that can be synced, and also do not make any promises regarding sync speed and frequency. At this moment these drawbacks prevent me from implementing this feature.

    P.S. Please do not rate down an add-on based on things it doesn't claim to do. Add-ons should be judged based on what they do claim to do and how well they do it. If you find a bug or wish to voice a suggestion please file an issue here: https://github.com/rharel/webext-private-bookmarks/issues I review suggestions there regularly. Thanks again for your feedback, it is appreciated!
  • This is a BRILLIANT extension! For some time, I have utilised an over-complicated method of private bookmark control, that works, but is not all that neat and tidy. This is perfect....you unlock, and bookmarks are there. You lock, and they are gone. I'm guessing there is some kind of encrypted container somewhere, probably in the Firefox profile folder. It really works, and I love it!
  • Great module. Works like a charm.Simple to use. I felt lucky to discover it since the one I used just before stopped working with the new version of Firefox. I do not regret this new choice !.
  • Thank you for privacy without complexity. Even better now that I can specify the location of my private bookmarks.
  • It's so good to see someone finally did "Private Bookmarks" right! Encrypted and locally stored! The *only* way to do it. :)
  • Exactly what I needed against my fear of embarrassing situations and it is working with the most recent Firefox Version (59.0a1).
    In the lock state the Addon even keeps the bookmarks out of the autocomplete in the address bar.
  • Thanks!
  • I think I logged in with an old account when I last reviewed this, but was very happy with the developers response.

    It’s great to see this is open source!

    Reply to dev via email:



    That was an amazingly quick and concise reply, thank you!

    NIST recommends the MINIMUM maximum password length to be 64 characters, I would recommend setting the maximum password length to at least that.

    The great thing about long password is not just that they’re harder to crack, it’s easier to remember them and make them unique by using passphrases, for example:

    “John walked to the store to get some milk” is easy to remember and actually quite secure. (NOTE: no one use this pass phrase, it’s just an example!)

    Thank you so much for providing a link to the library it uses, it gives me so much confidence that you’re open about what’s being used and how etc...

    Great work!
    Thanks for the reference to NIST. The next version will have the maximum length increased to 64 as recommended. Thanks again for your feedback!
  • Necessary extension for real privacy. Thank you, very much!
  • Excellent!