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  • Great Extension, Keep up your excellent work
  • Not sure how secure it is. But it does the job if you just don't want your colleagues sniffing around in your browser.
    Thanks. Just one comment about security: it is NOT guaranteed. I can only do what Firefox allows me to, but ultimately if Firefox decides that when an extension tells it to delete bookmarks that it should keep a bit of info about them somewhere internally, there is nothing I can do about it. This extension is like a door lock - to a determined burglar it is just an inconvenience, but to the 99% of burglars too lazy to go through the trouble it does the job. Just wanted to emphasize this point. Thanks for your review.
  • I have to rate it 5 stars based on performance and delivering on its promises. However, I would love a way to change the name of the bookmark from "Private Bookmarks" to another term to avoid questions from inquiring minds. Yes, I have a very short timeout set. If I have missed a method to change the name, please advise. Thanks for a great addon.
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll consider your suggestion and it may be included in the next release. Cheers.
  • it's amazing
  • Exactly what i was looking for. These not a lot of these out there so having the first one i tested work is a plus. Looking forward to new enhancements.
  • EDIT: Great addon thnx. Can you please add context menu option to lock a bookmark or add current page in locked folder.

    You can already have the Private Bookmarks folder appear wherever you like, see the add-on description for details. A context menu to move a bookmark to the private bookmarks folder is a good idea, I'll consider it. Thanks for your feedback!
  • saya lebih maju bersama firefox
  • Just what I needed. Great work developer.
  • Works well, exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
  • The extension I was looking for, works great for my PC.

    Downside, it doesn't work on my mobile and I use Firefox a lot from there...

    EDIT: When I downloaded it it was marked as working also on mobile, maybe it was a Firefox's addons store issue. Besides I really think it should also work on mobile, so five stars should wait until Firefox gives the developers the tools to work on it.
    It doesn't work on mobile because Firefox on mobile doesn't (yet) allow extensions to do the same things they can on Desktop. There is nothing I can do about it unfortunately, which is why I did not mark this extension as compatible with mobile. We have to wait. It is unfortunate you chose to lower your rating based on something that is out of my control and which I never claimed the extension is capable of doing.
  • I love it!!
  • This capability was sorely needed, and is well done. Works as advertised, and is easy to use. Many thanks!
  • so far so good! awesome!