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  • Does what exactly what the description says
  • I did a reverse lookup with TinEye on a suspected Craigslist scammer. The reason I did the lookup is an image on an ad only hours old showed up on Google on another web site, while looking up the specs on that particular boat. TinEye failed to find the Google image from the Craigslist image. I then tried the reverse & TinEye also failed to find the Craigslist image from the Google image.
  • If the image in question can be found, this finds it.
  • Version 1.2.2 works well.
    But I can't install the new version (1.3/1.3.1). FF (53.0.3 on Win7) tells me the addon file is corrupt.
    Hello Lupin_III,

    Would you mind sending us an email at support@tineye.com about this issue? We can follow up more easily by email. Thank you!
  • How i can remove tinye from context menu of tab (new or open).

    Thx for answer. Firefox 53
  • Running Firefox 52.0.2 ESR, I'm getting the same message as I did with 1.3.0 - "The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt".

    Are the developers aware of this?
    Hello mike20021969,

    Sorry to hear you've been having this issue with our extension. We haven't been able to reproduce this issue on our end. Would you be able to share what operating system you are using and maybe send a screenshot of your error to support@tineye.com? Thank you!
  • Doesn't work.
    Just opens up the image in a new tab. And that's it.
  • More complete than "Image Search for Tineye", because it has the ability to search image AND the whole page. But I prefer "Image Search..." because I don't really need this feature.
  • i dunno why doesnt work anymore. please solve it for my situation. when i try to right click its open the source of the image in a new tab.
  • Пользуюсь этим расширением и на хроме и на лисе уже много лет. Все устраивает.
    Для тех кто не знает что это за расширение-оно ищет одинаковые фото в интернете, предпочтение отдает заруб. сайтам. К примеру вы нашли картинку которая вам нравится но она маленькая, кликаете правой кнопкой мыши и выбираете поиск через тинай-находите эту фотку в качестве которое вам нужно или просто проверяете на каких сайтах находится такое же фото которое вы искали.
  • TinEye is a small company but they are doing an outstanding job. I found that in at least half of my reverse searches TinEye outperforms Google. Very useful add-on when it comes to tracing the real origins of images for research projects and making sure they can be reused.
  • I've seen several odd statements in previous reviews....like 'TinEye is just retrieving Google results' or 'It never returns anything'.....nonsense. I've used this context menu link add-on for a few years and it's always exceeded my expectations. Occasionally, I'll get "0 Results" but that's never more than 1 out of 10 times. I've never found Google to do better and TinEye ALWAYS finds a higher resolution image than Google, when both return results. Also, Google tends to return results that have nothing to do with your image but I've never had this happen with TinEye.
  • Even when it worked it found few results and sometimes none even when doing a test to check for results. Now does not work at all. FF47.
  • tnx u
  • Not a bad tool, to be honest. The google one finds more images, but tineye is more specific and manages to find the original image source more easily.
  • Really useful, however I am also having issues with it in the latest versions of Firefox. The context menu is there, but it doesn't search anything when clicked (no new tab with search results opens). The only way to "fix" it is to reinstall the addon, however it breaks again shortly after.

    Edit: Also just noticed an incompatibility with X-notifier that checks emails. When this addon is enabled, the X-notifier does nothing when clicked. It starts working every time this addon is disabled.
  • Doesn't search anymore
  • Not compatible on FF45 with "Bloody Vikings"; inoperative.
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  • Parfois il fonctionne bien
  • Excellent, would you be willing to allow an open source collaborator to help you make this restartless, and add support for file:// URI images? I can help you out.
  • While I kinda like the TinEye clean website, Addon and the geeky symbol, there is a major flaw that the search results are mostly poor and don't yield any or too few results compared to the big competitor. (google)

    Had to uninstall, but still have sympathy for TinEye.
  • This makes my work so much faster... I do a lot of searches a day! Fantastic, Thanks a bunch.
  • I have used tineye in the past, and enjoyed it, but recently I am having issues getting any reverse image to work besides the hated google, which is suspicious. So I went to the tineye web site, found the contact tab and the number to call. With a +1 and a regular area code I called them. Then I get a message on my phone I am being charged. I call my carrier to ask why, I havn't done anything. They told me the number, from tineye didn't accept cellular usage and sent the charge back to your phone. There were no warnings or discription of it being redirected to a foriegn number, or that a charge would occur. My carrier was very professional, and after I told them what had happened they refunded my money. Tineye isn't working anyway, not only a pain but now was being charged trying to recieve customer support.. draw your own conclusions.