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  • It is inconventien how an image's full url (inculding the https/https bit) is no longer displayed. I would also prefer the search tab being opned next to my rightmost tab instead of next to the tab with the image I am searching for
  • Muito útil para procurar referências das imagens
  • I can find fake accounts
  • Favori eklenti.
  • So far the best, most reliable, and consistent reverse image service, in my personal experience. The plug-in is of secondary importance to the high value of the TinEye data pool which is the best I've found. Google Image or others fail to recognize the stuff that TinEye finds with no problem, particularly older images that may no longer be present on the web, but can be recalled historically on the internet web archive's Wayback Machine.
  • Great to use, when looking for a Larger Image! I use it to look at Antique Pieces, and to see if I can find a Larger Picture of the item! So far, so GREAT!
  • URI Too Long Error everytime, Useless
    I'm sorry that you're having trouble with the extension. If you contact us at support@tineye.com with details of the issue (e.g., which version of Firefox you're using, what operating system you're on, what websites you are trying to search) we would be happy to investigate.
  • Just did a search on an old image that I got from the web, and it came back with ZERO RESULTS!!!! Not possible methinks....
  • 不错不错,一直使用这个软件。
  • Simple and effective screenshot tool.
  • After 50 searches you have to pay. How funny!
  • I like the way it finds images