294 reviews
  • Comes up with ZERO 99.99% of the time. Doesn't even find the one I am on. It is just a very useless add on...
  • Excellent service. Much better than the google search plug in (which seems to have stopped working anyway)
  • Cool add-on, works just as good as the Search by Image for Google add-on!
  • This seems to have Far Less bug reports, than some "Google Image Search" addons.

    Moreover, the database may be the best(?):
    "by Search Master on September 5, 2011
    Huge and growing database
    The best reverse image search engine."
  • Had some trouble with it in Windows 7. After I use it once and close that window of the browser, it disappears from the context list. I fixed that by adding a link in my "SendTo" list that goes to the exe file in the program86 directory. Note that you can access your SendTo list by typing the following in your Run window (Start > Run) without the quotes: "shell:SendTo"
  • This is a great tool to double check how your images have been used/ adapted.
  • This has helped me find larger versions of images online, so I don't have to try and find it on Google, which takes forever if it even succeeds at all. I don't use this often, but when I do, it does what I need.
  • It just didn't work for me. I use the site regularly, but the plugin locked up almost every time.
  • Huge and growing database
    The best reverse image search engine.
    With this addon, you can detect fake profiles in social networking sites.
  • Super!!! Thanks for adding support for Firefox 6 so quickly.
  • Firefox 6.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Very nice extension. Does what it should and works fast. Just what you need for finding decently sized wallpapers, check the copyright info for some pictures or just have a little fun by checking out how much of a rip off is your favorite web site.

    Sadly, no versions for FF 6.* or beta most of the time, which is awful.
  • So far, so good. Been using it since 2010, no problem whatsoever in FF (any version) & Chrome. Yet to be tested on Opera.
  • Sorry folks, but it DOES work with FF5. I'll repeat: this wonderful add-on DOES work with FF5. With very little research (ie went to support page-duh) and found a simple solution.


    * You should have the add-on-compatibility "add-on" installed anyway. I think an apology is due the TinEye guys. Lets be fair.
  • It's the best firefox plugin to avoid duplicate content and copyrights issues. With it, it's really simple to find the original image and author.
  • it messed up my computer it has a virus
  • This addon supports FF5, You just have to edit install.rdf file inside (you can open xpi with winrar) to this:
    Please fix this issue.
  • Thanks very good
  • Excellent add-on. Please update for FF5.
  • FF5 support please!!
  • Now that search by image from Google is out I think I will remove this now. It was certainly good while it lasted.
  • Been using this for a while now, would love to see an update for the 5 beta.
  • You know, it's cool. It works.
    Tineye's database isn't perfect but it'd be hard to have everything.... It's the best reverse image search on the net and this add-on is convenient.
  • Fantastic, and I'm suprised how fast it is!
  • "Not compatible with Firefox 3.6.16"
    I cant use this addon until you update it for the latest version of firefox!