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  • Please add TinEye to context menu on Windows.
  • I do like it and find it very important in knowing if an image is real or just faked like in those fake news sites advertising fake jobs. If the same picture of a work at home mom is used under many different names then I know not to trust it! TinEye helps me with this! Thanks TinEye!
  • I love this service and the plugin.
    It would be nice if the plugin could also automatically recognize and submit local files when viewed in the browser (e.g. file:///E:/pictures/Park.jpg).
    Notice those similar plugins for other sites:

    GazoPa Similar Image Search

    Cydral Image Search Engine

    Who stole my pictures?
    (for the Russian Yandex. It also adds TinEye search but without the advance options, so you better hide this using Menu Editor - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/710/)?

    Japanese one without name:

    Image Search Options
    (adds search in several useless Manga databases, but it also includes TinEye and GazoPa and option to put all in a submenu, so it might be all-in-one plugin when further developed):
  • Great add-on, very useful. Better than all those so called image search engine etc.
  • Lightweight addon @8kb , Can search local images too .. Thanks !
  • ***** is not enough! Very Usefull! THX
  • Very nice and useful extension! Helps balance things out when it comes to grabbing images off the net without crediting the artists/owners.
  • This is a great add-on. I use TinEye when I see a profile photo or photo in someones album, or one posted on on their page........that looks too good to be true. And they lead viewers to believe its theirs. And they are getting positive feedback because viewers assume the poster is the artist, or it's a photo of themselves. And the poster lets it go on. I politely ask them who took the photo or who is in the photo. They usually come clean. On occasion, since I know who the artist is (because of TinEye), the artist has gotten involved and put an end to it.
    This will become a tremendous checks and balances as their library grows. It will funnel people to be honest on the internet.
    I TinEye photos and Google words.
    Thank You.
  • Great add on
  • I remember first reading about TinEye on TechCrunch before it was ever released. When the website was released I started to frequently use it, and I'm just glad to see that they now also have an addon for it.
  • I absolutely love this add-on!! I used to use it almost every single day until I started using FireFox Beta 4. Now I just use Google. -.-
  • Please, make this addon compatible with Firefox 4 beta.
  • 你真是个天才。
  • Love this add-on!
  • Didn't work. I even tested it with two tabs open simultaneously with identical images form different websites, and even THEN TinEye couldn't locate any matches. I even tried it on common, not obscure, images...Nope, 0 Results.
  • Really helpful in finding Hi-res pictures!
  • Not available for Firefox 4.0b2

    time to update !!!
  • Even though I recently installed it the ability to do reverse image searches KICKS ASS! It also is great for finding out when people are posting stolen pictures! Once you have this capability you will never want to go back!I put it in my "Apollo! Pack!" collection and I am recommending it!
  • Very good addon that I use almost every day with great success. It is pretty rare that TinEye can't find the image.
  • Please update for Firefox 4!
  • Pros
    - World's first image search engine?... Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
    - Really useful when trying to find the source of some images.
    - I love the mascot. ^_^

    - Library is still small. Hopefully the image database grows bigger and bigger.

    Highly recommended... While the image database is still small (compared to the total number of images on the internet), this is still a useful tool.
  • Not available for Firefox 4.0b1
  • Please update for Firefox 4!
  • Very satisfied with TinEye!
    Addon seems compatible with FF4.0b :)
  • I use it a lot for searching some photos. Thanks!