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  • Tineye doesn't always find the picture you want but most of the time it works great. All this addon does is add a quick shortcut, but it does that great. No issues here.
  • Nice simple Addon that can be helpful for faster image searching.
  • Nice, simple add-on, but the back-end index that TinEye checks against is far too small. It doesn't even find the majority of images listed on deviantart.
  • It's function of Google Images nothing more! The content is delivering Google!
  • the addon itself works as intended, but tineye needs a larger index of images
  • I've used this and it functioned the way I expected it
  • Technically, works like a charm. Functionally seems like it hasn't crawled the biggest portion of pic on the net.
    TinEye indexes images on the web and if it has not found some images that's because we haven't indexed them yet. Facebook and most other social networking sites don't allow indexing of their images, so we can't find images on a social networking site.

    We are constantly crawling the web and expanding TinEye's index. You can see updates on our index size at http://tineye.com/updates

  • Easy access to a great search engine!
    Hi Nicky, thanks for the kind words.
  • No encuentra casi nada.
  • LOVE IT!
  • Not good at all compared to google image reverse search. Tried on a couple of images which are uploaded to flickr, deviantart, and wikipedia and none was found...
  • 不太喜欢

  • I started using the TinEye reverse search a long time ago. At the time, they offered a unique and useful service. The add-on was well done, the DB was growing and there was no competition.

    Then, Google introduced their own reverse image search. For a while I was running add-ons for both services and checking images on both, but it became evident that TinEye cannot compete with Google's offering. About a month ago I uninstalled the TinEye add-on.

    TL;DR version: Use one of the Google reverse search add-ons instead.
  • Haven't seen anything like this in … ever. It is very thorough, able to find images that have been edited, resized, cropped, or vary in color. It even finds "meme" versions of images, like (de)motivators, macros, and inserts in comics.

    Have a tiny thumbnail? You can probably find a wallpaper version that goes with it, if it's out there. Produce your own artwork or photos? You can find those [negligent souls] who are using (or selling!) your work without permission.

    Only bad thing is that their catalog doesn't cover every single image ever created. ("Oh boo hoo, it didn't find my one photo I just took so I'm rating it 1 star…")
  • Limited results. Would be great if it could compete. I just looked up a photo of a bass boat on craigslist and Tineye claimed it was the only photo when in reality the crooks listing it have listed the photo all over the internet. I just looked at a Tineye review elsewhere on the net from 2008 with similar limited results. If its going to improve it needs it more quickly than that. I will give them at least an average rating hoping for improvement on what could be an opportunity.
  • What a versatile tool!
    I've used this to check for any unauthorized use of my photography on the web, to look up more information on images that are not really explained on random sites, and to find stock graphic design for web development.

    I love Firefox for the seamless add on integration, and in fact for my personal web surfing it's the only browser I'll use.

    I have tried the others during bug testing for my websites and nothing is as powerful or versatile as Mozilla Firefox with add ons like this!
  • Está add es muy buena en lo que a buscar fotos se refiere, a veces la utilizo para encontar el nombre de alguna modelo que esta en alguna fotografía.
  • This is fantastic for when using Google to search for images fails, especially for stock images.
  • TinEye is a very helpful tool. If you ever need to know information about a photo that is floating around the web, it's the best. Really great for checking the status on pictures you have uploaded if you want to see how one of your pictures has spread on the internet.
  • very very cool tool for me.Now it is easy to find a image as I need
  • ...the image you are searching is in their database. It has been quite helpful in discovering fake profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. but I don't always get a hit. Still, if it's been crawled, TinEye will find it - sometimes several different versions, which can be helpful. I have Windows 7 Ultimate and haven't seen the problem that Mike had below.
  • Rated this 1 because i can't rate it 0. I decided to test this crapware. Right clicked and did the image search for 20 different pictures from within 20 different sites
    No results ever came up LOL not even from within the actual site. I agree with Karla. this is a useless plugin
  • Saves a lot of time when searching for larger / smaller images. Thanks!
  • Comes up with ZERO 99.99% of the time. Doesn't even find the one I am on. It is just a very useless add on...
  • Excellent service. Much better than the google search plug in (which seems to have stopped working anyway)