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  • Don't wait until the extension is installed to tell us it doesn't work. You're just wasting our time.
  • I think that Firefox should give its browser users an app with exactly the same functions as that offered by Theme Font & Size Changer.
  • extension not working with the new version (63.0.1) of Firefox
  • It's not working most of function with FF62. Why developer leave this useless addon on the Firefox addon website? Please remove it from website!
  • It seems to be out of date. Doesn't work on new Firefox
  • Does not work on Ffox 62
  • not working even I am still using FF52
  • I only want to change the font color in my add-on. The background is sky blue and the font is white. I cannot see a thing.!
  • Totally broken and useless, but does not say so before install
  • I had stopped upgrading FF because I would lose TF&SC. Tonight I forgot and "upgraded" FF. Now my bookmark fonts are so small my old eyes can't read them easily and tire.Keep this up and I'll be forced to use Chrome....
  • Does not work with the current versions of Firefox, a fact not mentioned in the writeup.
  • It still doesn't work. Not on TB, or FF.
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  • Not working on Linux since FF moved to Quantum ((FF57?)
  • Periodically stops working. Now, April 2018 it is not fixed for weeks ...
    The wanhunglo fix mentioned below works!
  • The thunderbird version of this addon breaks regularly rendering TB unusable because of the tiny fonts. I URGE ANYONE TO GO https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1453928 REGISTER AND UPVOTE THE BUG/COMMENT SO THAT THUNDERBIRD ADDS A FONT INCREASE OPTION BY DEFAULT