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  • not working
  • Whatever you changed, it's still not working. No Icon can be found on Firefox nor Thunderbird to launch the App.
  • It just stopped working for firefox and thunderbird yesterday (Fri, Jan5). The text in the view is so smaller I cannot read it, especially in Thunderbird
  • Can't live without theme font size changer! Please fix it so that it works with FB and FF again! Thanks!
  • @GVP

    Thanks for the hint but the site says "This is effectively an unsigned version and thus cannot be installed for Firefox" and Firefox really refuses to install it, any other idea ?

    I do not use Thunderbird and would only need it for Firefox but see above

    Well, I just uninstalled the addon and now Firefox seems to use the general Windows font settings I set longer time ago, rather too big in some places (address bar etc.) but necessary in some other programs very probably and better than too small anyway so maybe this will be a solution for some other people, too
  • I've seen your Theme and fonts resize has been updated today (6th January 2018) but still not working :-(
    Please fix it asap.
    Many thanks
  • I found a workaround for the loss of TFSC that works on Firefox.

    1. Create a "userChrome.css" text file: https://www.howtogeek.com/334716/how-to-customize-firefoxs-user-interface-with-userchrome.css/

    2. Add the code found here for "Global UI font": http://kb.mozillazine.org/Pane_and_menu_fonts
    Change parameters as desired.

    3. For bold font add this line before the end symbol: font-weight: bold ! important;
    Change parameters as desired.

    4. Save file and restart Firefox. There may be other parameters available but these were all I needed,
  • I too was having the same problem as many others have posted about (extension stops working and no icon in toolbar even when installing old verisons). I was able to fix it by installing an even older one, Version 46.5. There still is no icon to click, but you can access it from the Tools menu in Firefox. It seems to work fine now, just make sure to disable automatic updates!
  • I've used this add for years and in general it is a godsend.
    Periodically however it just falls over.
    Last night my fonts reverted to their microscopic version.
    I checked and found a new release.
    As in the past I remove all old versions and then install per the instructions.

    For TB the TF&S change should be visible in 2 places.
    I have zero.
    I am showing V62 as enabled and installed but that's all.
    As said a truly great add on that really should be a part of TB BUT ONLY WHEN IT WORKS.
  • Not enjoying it one bit today! All of us have spent hours trying to fix this font issue .... I'm not a programmer and not comfortable with the work-around offered. Thunderbird--big fix for all, please!!
  • I am using this addon in thunderbird too and there is a fix available and it works but only for thunderbird where I applied it without problem. Please see:
    It is not possible to install adjusted addon back to the firefox maybe due to signing addons which is required by firefox.

    But there is another important aspect: the creator of this addon implemented time check into source code which was needed to remove
    to ensure proper function in Thunderbird. Please see details in forum link I posted above.
    Many thanks mrx2020, HackerKitty, P. Maigron for spotting this. And of course the same "time check" is in source code for firefox too. I do not judge anybody just inform abou the issue which prevents me from using firefox and thunderbird properly.

    Edit: posible workaround for firefox thanks Eckard :
    my userChrome.css:
    @namespace url("http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul");
    @namespace html url("http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml");
    @namespace svg url("http://www.w3.org/2000/svg");
    * {
    font-size: 14px!important;
    font-family:Comic Sans MS !important;
  • great addon but it broke FF56.2 today.
    not everybody cares about mozillas FF57. If I want fast I can install chrome no need for FF57 MeToo
    I will never install FF57 so pls fix your app for FF56.2 and leave it alone

    FF57 won't be a success so no worries for you.
    If everything breaks I will move to Pale Moon
  • Downloaded the TFSC date code fix that was detailed by "Anonymous user cf029c" and I can see menus and bookmarks in FF again. Thank you! Your instructions were clear and easy to follow.
  • Baris, I am on the latest version of Firefox, using your latest version of this add-on...yet I have the problem too. It isn't functioning for me at all, so something is definitely wrong, here.
  • Thank you for the tip 46.5 version works I can see again
  • reverted to ver 46.5 on thunderbird all now working hope it stays that way
  • I set firefox and addons to not update past 56.1 but now Theme Font & Size Changer is not working on any of my computers.
  • Oh, come on. What now? Please do fix this! Old versions no longer work...
  • Alles war perfekt funktioniert nicht mit FF 55.0.3
  • What happened with this add on, today? On every pc in my family, 7 computers total, TFSC stopped working. No updates were installed. Automatic updates are turned off. Every computer hast FF ESR 52.5.3 64 bit installed.

    Did everyone get a "deactivate" signal from an external source??? Am I the only one with this theory?
  • So this guy Berin or Gerin wants access to all data for every website I visit in exchange for the use of this add-on? This guy has lost his mind. I'd rather buy it (one time) with no access to him for anything.
  • Helpful info.. (I've been here before because of nonworking TFSC) and my old eyes need help, like a lot of peeps showing up here :)
    First, I only use PC Waterfox 64bit 54ver. and I use Thunderbird 32bit 52ver. I have ALL my addon's turned off and not to update including WF and TB. I realize now, That Firefox and Thunderbird will never add some helpful font adjustments for our bad eyes :(
    If you read through the reviews. You'll see some info reviews on how to download and install a non expiring version of TFSC on earlier version of FF, Waterfox, TB. I only wanted to help people because I feel their pain on not being able to see and need help and remember to turn off all updates that includes FF, TB, WF. . I still want to give props to the Author of TFSC. Thx you!
  • it did work fine until today..... suddenly i can´t access it anymore and everything is small again.
    deinstalled and reinstalled the addon but it does not appear in thunderbird 52.5.2.

    don´t know if mozilla messed around again... can only say i is not working anymore. hope it will be fixed soon.
    i thought the web extension stuff ony affects firefox 57??