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  • simple and no-bullshit smart proxy switcher. I uninstalled foxy and omega after trying this one. This awesome add-on should be recommended by Firefox.
  • GREAT proxy add-on ever.I hope that adding raw format(address:port) export function.Thank you.
  • Где готовые предустановленные рабочие прокси?! Where are the ready pre-installed work proxies?!
    Read the descriptions first which says "SmartProxy does not provide any type of proxy servers."
  • Great extension so far. But I would love if we can have different proxies per tab. Ex. 10 tabs w/ 10 different proxies on the list. Please let me know if this is possible as I'm unable to have 5 diff tabs with diff ips simultaneously.
  • This one is the one I have sought for a long time.
  • I love this addon, but the menu did not show up when I click the button for a month. So I can still use it but cannot change anything, can you fix it ?
    Maybe you don't have access to fonts.googleapis.com? That is troublesome and I will definitely get rid of it.
  • Why does it need access for all website data? I cannot use it because of sensitive permissions request.
    To create a proxy that is a mandatory permission required by firefox.
    check here:
    and here is permission pattern which is for all urls, called
  • Would be perfect with proxy icon colors. (If a resource on the page uses a proxy, show that color on the icon like Proxy SwitchyOmega and FoxyProxy)
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  • Works great thanks
  • Edit: Works without password, i guess as dev says it's an API problem and not his fault, wish it was explained better in the plugin however because it is confusing to the user having the option to provide usr/password yet it is not supported.

    Once proxy setup to not require usr/pass it works fine and i'm happy to say this plugin is far better then the other options that advertise same type of functionality, the user interface is very nice and professional and does not feel bloated.
    Have you even checked the Proxy Servers tab?? When you are adding servers there is a BIG box for username and password which obviously are for authentication of that proxy server!

    Edit: Yes i'm the developer and it clearly says that.
    1- The screenshot you are referring to is a limitation of WebExtensions API and browser provides and I cannot do anything about it. AND that is an EXTRA FEATURE for advanced users .
    2- The thing you want to achieve is the goal of the proxy if USER CONFIGURE IT.
    The SmartMode is for that purpose. First, you need to ADD the domain you want to apply proxy for (in Rules tab).
    Second, add proxy-servers. Third, put the extension in SmartMode.